Air Jordan Gives The Horizon An All-Star Makeover

Air Jordan Horizon All-Star

It isn’t uncommon for Nike and Air Jordan to release limited edition sneakers that coincide with the NBA All-Star Weekend. For this year’s event Air Jordan has completely re-imagined the Horizon and has given it a very interesting makeover to celebrate the special event.

The Air Jordan Horizon All-Star’s feature a fairly bold new look thanks the the colorful geometric pattern that is found throughout the sneaker. Comprised of black, lucid green, university gold, white, and red, this is easily one of the most distinctive Air Jordan releases that we’ve seen in a long time. In fact, it feels or looks nothing like an Air Jordan at all.

While the pattern found on the Air Jordan Horizon All-Star’s might not appeal to everyone as it is quite the polarizing sneaker, you can bet that these sneakers will sell out fast. They are retailing for about $185 dollars now on sites like Sneaker Politics, and we imagine that they will be worth even more once they’re all gone.

Air Jordan Horizon All-Star 2
Air Jordan Horizon All-Star 3
Air Jordan Horizon All-Star 3

Photos from Sneaker Politics


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