Hyatt Residences in Rio de Janeiro Offer Amenities Worthy of a Five-Star Resort

Grand Hyatt Residences in Rio de Janeiro pool and view

Every now and then, large luxury hotel brands like to dip their toes into the world of real estate development and create a series of condos and apartments. The end result is usually a residence complex that offers unparalleled levels of luxury. Grand Hyatt has begun construction of their newest project in Rio de Janerio and they look like extremely promising apartments. They are located right on the water, will offer five-star levels of luxury, and will obviously be quite expensive. Here’s what Grand Hyatt has said about the project:

Linking a top hotel brand to a high-class real estate development is the best way to meet the buyers’
increasingly more demanding needs. This is happening in the world’s largest cities such as New York, London, Paris, Xangai, Hong Kong, and Miami, among others. This concept becomes more perfect as the relationship between the hotel and the residential units becomes stronger and closer.

Built in 12 acres of land with 70% of the area recovered and preserved, with 13,000 feet facing the ocean, with the Lake and the Marapendi Park as neighbors. The Grand Hyatt Residences are located at the most upscale and exclusive address on the Rio de Janeiro beachfront.

While the project is still in development and expected to be completed by January of 2016, Grand Hyatt has thoughtfully included some digital renderings of what the residence will look like once they are completed. As you can imagine, they are absolutely luxurious and boast many modern amenities,

There will be a total of 83-units that will range in size from one-bedroom apartments to massive, penthouse suites that offer over 10,000-square-feet of living space. The apartments offer incredible views, large balconies, floor-to-ceiling windows, home theater/entertainment centers, private pools, and much more. Additionally future owners will also have access to all the services and amenities at the Grand Hyatt Hotel which will be located right next-door. So not only will owners have absolutely beautiful apartments, they will also truly have five-star amenities from a leading name in hospitality. What more could you want? Head on over to their website for more information about this project (

Grand Hyatt Residences in Rio de Janeiro

Grand Hyatt Residences in Rio de Janeiro bathroom

Grand Hyatt Residences in Rio de Janeiro bedroom view

Grand Hyatt Residences in Rio de Janeiro office

Grand Hyatt Residences in Rio de Janeiro pool

Grand Hyatt Residences in Rio de Janeiro ocean

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