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The Grand Pavilion Penthouse is expected to attract the notice of the most affluent buyers in the world. Melbourne, Australia is one of the top global cities in the world and has some of the world’s most prestigious properties. The city of Melbourne has been named one of the world’s most livable cities. The capital of the State of Victoria is considered the cultural and sports center of Australia. With Parisian cafe culture, world class fine dining, cobblestone lanes, historic buildings and public parks and gardens, East Melbourne is a desirable place to live. Long term management goals in business, government and property have elevated the city’s global importance. There are many opportunities for foreign investment. The Eastbourne residential building and its Grand Pavilion Penthouse will be one of the most prestigious properties in the city.

Located in East Melbourne along the Fitzroy Gardens and near the city’s business district, The Eastbourne is the ideal place to live. Mirvac Property Group collaborated with Bates Smart Architects to design and build the luxury Eastbourne. Elevated on the eleventh floor of The Eastbourne residential building, The Grand Pavilion Penthouse is ready for sale and will be completed in mid-2019. Mirvac is accepting bids over $12 million USD (15 million AUD) through mid-November.

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Mirvac is the leading property group in Australia. Teaming with Bates Smart Architects to design and build The Eastbourne is a large scale project and one of the most prestigious projects for the two companies. Bates Smart is the second oldest architectural firm in Australia and was founded in 1853. The Eastbourne is a luxury residential building along the Fitzroy Gardens and on par with Hyde Park in London and Park Avenue in New York City. The Eastbourne has 250 apartments and the amenities of a world class hotel including concierge service. Residents of the building have access to a pool, gym and spa, meeting rooms, a theater, and a wine cellar. The building has a sleek, modern design. It is spacious, elegant and sophisticated. The customized apartments are some of the hottest real estate in Melbourne. Selling at $24,000 a square meter, $300 million were sold within 3 days.

The Eastbourne is located in East Melbourne, close to the business, cultural and sports of the state of Victoria’s capital city of Melbourne. Bordering Fitzroy Gardens, The Eastbourne boasts beautiful views. The 64 acre gardens are filled with tree-lined avenues and an ornamental lake. There is a visitor’s center and café as well as a conservatory, band pavilion and rotunda. Other features of the gardens include a model Tudor village, The Fairies’ Tree, and Cooke’s Cottage. This is the home of the parents of James Cooke which was brought from England in the 1930s.

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The owners of the Grand Pavilion Penthouse will have the opportunity to customize the design. Bates Smart Architects will have the owners chauffeured to a meeting with Bates Smart director Jeffrey Copolov and his team. A private butler will be of service during the meeting to customize the penthouse. The company wants the owners to be treated with the sophistication they deserve as owners of one of the most prestigious homes in Melbourne.

The Grand Pavilion Penthouse includes 5457 square feet of interior space, a 3239 square foot terrace and 164 feet of park frontage. The interior is compartmentalized providing separation of adult, children, guest and entertaining spaces. There are 4 private bedrooms. The interior space features 12 foot high ceilings and large windows. Living spaces are large and roomy. Customized finishes have been added throughout the penthouse. The main living area flows into the chef-styled kitchen which is separated by 2 large fluted glass and metal doors.

The architectural team from Bates Smart worked to create a global design with international luxury in the Grand Pavilion Penthouse. The team used the best international materials in the penthouse interior. Italian marble adorns the kitchen. German fluted glass is used in the wardrobe doors. The floorboards are made from wide solid timber. The sleek and modern design of the penthouse incorporates the natural beauty of the Fitzroy Gardens.

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The Penthouse features an 118 foot interior gallery-styled corridor that provides an axis linking the exterior terrace to the interior. The Penthouse design brings the beauty of the outdoors indoors. The terrace is called the “Sky Garden”. The landscaping was created by Sam Barber, a renowned landscaper who has worked on many Melbourne private estates as well as Toorak and the Mornington Peninsula. The terrace features a 36 foot infinity-edge and clear-sided pool. The outdoor space is grand yet understated. The terrace has amazing views of the Melbourne skyline as well as the beautiful Fitzroy Gardens.

The crown jewel of Melbourne’s residential living, the Grand Pavilion Penthouse is one of the most prestigious places to live in the city and in the world. Rising above the city’s Fitzroy Gardens, the Grand Pavilion Penthouse is an architectural phenomena. Sleek modern lines and naturally lit interiors accentuate the stateliness and refined sophistication of the home. Internationally sourced material adorns the interior space which is roomy, comfortable and private. Views of the city skyline and Fitzroy Gardens are brought into the space through the large transitioning terrace. A glass sided pool, entertainment space and beautiful landscaping meld into the interior space bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside. To own the Grand Pavilion Penthouse is to exist in chic, global, sophisticated style.

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