Celine Dion’s Florida Estate For Sale At $38.5 Million


In 2010, Celine Dion and her late husband and manager built their dream home together on Jupiter Island in Florida. The singer made sure to include everything that she ever wanted in a home into hers. When Celine was given her own show in Las Vegas, she started spending much of her time there. In 2013, she realized that having the house on Jupiter Island also was a bit too much to handle. She put the house on the market for a whopping $72 million. Sadly, in January 2016, Celine lost her husband, who she called the one true love of her life. Now, with Rene gone and her spending all of her time in Las Vegas, she decided to be more aggressive with the sale of her home. Recently, she reduced the asking price of her home. She now wants $38.5 million for the home. Anybody who buys this house will be getting more than their money’s worth.



The home is located on the ocean, with 415 feet of sandy beach to enjoy and it sits on 5.7 acres. The main house is 10,000 square feet and it has a finished basement. There is also two guest houses with four bedrooms in each one. There is also a gatehouse, a pool house, and a beach house with a massage room. With five extra houses on the property, the new owners could easily move their extended family into their island home.


The Main House

The main house is absolutely gorgeous, and it was designed by Celine herself. Considering the fact that she has such great taste, the new owners are sure to love the house just the way it is. There are 5 bedrooms in the main house. The closet in the master bedroom is a walk in closet with automated clothing racks and shoe racks. This makes choosing your outfit each day very easy and convenient. The biggest selling point about this home is the amazing ocean view from the master bedroom, complete with a balcony overlooking the water. The balcony wraps around the entire second floor. The home also includes a state-of-the-art kitchen, which would make every chef in the world jealous. There is also a formal dining room with vaulted ceilings.


Fun in the Water

If the new buyers love the water, this is the home that they should purchase. Not only will they have direct access to the ocean, there are also three Olympic-size swimming pools. There are also two huge water slides on the property. They aren’t the typical pool slides that you see in many homeowner’s pools, they are the large ones that you see in water parks. To make the area feel even more like a water park, there is a lazy river which is covered by a bridge. There is also a tree house nearby with 8 water cannons. .The family that buys this home will never need to visit a water park again. The water park contains 500,000 gallons of water so the new owners should be prepared to pay a very hefty water bill.


The Athletic Area

If the new owners want to spend some time out of the water, there are plenty of things to do in this home. The tennis court on the property doubles as a basketball court. Beside the tennis court is a pavilion. If the new owner’s love golf, the pavilion has a simulator so that they can brush up on their game between visits to the golf course. The pavilion also has a state of the art gym so that the new owners can stay in shape.


With Celine spending all of her time in Las Vegas working on her show, her house located at 215 South Beach Road, Jupiter Island, Florida has been empty. Rather than letting the home sit there not lived in, she decided to put it on the market for someone else to enjoy. Considering everything that this property has to offer, $38.5 million is not much of an asking price. Considering she just cut the asking price in half, it seems that she is very motivated to sell. Not only is this house located on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it is very unique. Since it was designed by Celine herself, you can be sure that this house is nothing short of amazing.


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