How Much Would you Pay for a Golden Monopoly Set?

gold monopoly set

Have you ever wondered just how ridiculous luxury items can get and how much they can costs? We have seen a lot of strange and expensive luxury items over the years, however this golden Monopoly set might be one of the most interesting ones yet. In a game all about money, it actually seems very fitting that at least one set is made from gold.

The golden Monopoly set has had a very interesting history. Sidney Mobell, a fairly famous jeweler, decided that he would create a Monopoly set made entirely from gold. Mobell began working on the set in 1988. It took him one entire year to complete the project, having worked on the board every single day. The end product is a game board in its own class.

The board itself is made from a 23-karat gold plate with all the appropriate words and spaces etched in. There are also 165 gem stones found throughout the board itself, as all of the etching has been filled in with valuable gems. All of the other pieces are made from 18-karat gold as well. The dice are also pretty cool. Both dice are made from 18-karat gold and diamonds have been used to mark the numbers (42 full-cut diamonds in total, just on the dice).

So what is the cost of this insane board game? Well it is generally accepted that the price of the dice alone is around $10,000 dollars. However the price of the board will theoretically fluctuate with the price of gold, but people have appraised the board to cost around $2 million dollars. For those wanting to purchase one, their is only one in existence and it is in the possession of the Smithsonian Institution. Given that fact, it will most likely never be for sale. Still it certainly is one of the most incredible items to be made from gold.

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