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Michael Jordan is considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time, and his popularity has led to a thriving market for his trading cards. As a result, some of the most valuable sports cards in existence feature the legendary player. The value of these cards is derived from various factors, including production scarcity, card condition, and market demand.

Among the vast array of Michael Jordan cards, some stand out for their exceptional rarity and worth. Notable examples range from sought-after rookie cards like the 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan #57 to autographed and game-worn patch cards such as the 1997 Upper Deck Game Jersey AUTO PATCH. Collectors worldwide are constantly on the lookout for these prized possessions, fueling their value and making them worthwhile investments.

In this article, we will discuss the most valuable Michael Jordan cards in the market, providing insights into their significance and the factors contributing to their high value. Dive into the world of exclusive basketball cards and learn about the rarities that make them stand out in the world of collecting.

Rare and Valuable Michael Jordan Cards

Rookie Cards

Perhaps the most iconic Michael Jordan card is the 1986 Fleer #57 Rookie Card. This card features the famous image of Jordan soaring through the air for a dunk and is considered one of the most valuable sports cards in history. A PSA 10 version of this card recently sold for $23,400.

Another key rookie card is the 1984-85 Star Company Michael Jordan #101. While the 1986 Fleer card is officially considered Jordan’s rookie card, this Star Company issue was released one year prior, adding to its rarity and significance among collectors.

Autographed Cards

Autographed cards hold a special place in the hearts of collectors, as they provide a unique connection to the player. Michael Jordan signed cards are no exception. One notable example is the 1997-98 Upper Deck Game Jersey Auto #GJ13-A, which not only has a certified autograph but also a piece of game-used jersey embedded in the card.

Another highly sought-after Jordan autograph is the 1998-99 Upper Deck Ovation Michael Jordan MJ’s Final Buzzer Beater Gold Auto #FF11. This card commemorates his last shot as a Chicago Bull and contains both his autograph and a piece of the actual hardwood from the United Center floor.

Insert Cards

Insert cards are special cards inserted into packs at a specific rate, often featuring unique designs or limited print runs. Some rare Michael Jordan insert cards include:

  • 1996 Fleer Metal Net-Rageous #5: With a PSA 9 value of $2,561, this card features a distinct metal-theme design and was found in 1 out of 288 packs from the 1996 Fleer Metal hobby boxes.
  • 1987 Fleer Michael Jordan Sticker #2: While the design of this card may be plain, it is still a highly sought-after rarity. The card has been graded by PSA 12,976 times, with only 208 of them achieving a Gem Mint 10 grade.

By collecting these rare and valuable Michael Jordan cards, enthusiasts can experience a unique connection to one of the greatest basketball players of all time and hold a piece of history in their hands.

Factors Affecting Card Value


One of the key factors affecting the value of Michael Jordan cards is their scarcity. With a lower production quantity and limited availability, the demand and value of these cards tend to grow. For instance, the 1987 Fleer Michael Jordan #59 card had a shorter print run than his rookie card, making it rarer and more valuable among collectors.


The condition of a Michael Jordan card significantly impacts its value. Cards in mint or near-mint condition, free from creases, stains, or other damage, command higher prices in the market. Grading scales, such as PSA’s 10-point scale, are commonly utilized to evaluate cards’ condition, with higher grades corresponding to higher values. For instance, a 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan card graded PSA Gem Mint 10 was sold for $32,000.


For a Michael Jordan card to hold its value, it must be authentic and verifiable. The process of authentication primarily helps eliminate counterfeits, ensuring that collectors invest in genuine cards. This is especially important for high-value cards, like the 1997 Upper Deck Game Jersey AUTO PATCH 18/23, which sold for $94,630. In this case, the card was judged to be authentic by PSA, contributing to its high value.

Determining Card Prices

When it comes to identifying the value of Michael Jordan cards, several factors come into play. In this section, we will discuss various methods used to establish card prices, such as price guides, auction results, and professional appraisals.

Price Guides

Price guides can be a useful starting point to get an idea of a card’s value. These guides often provide information on the general price range and rarity of specific cards. However, it is essential to note that these guides are not always up-to-date, and card prices may fluctuate due to market trends and demands. Always refer to the latest edition of a price guide for the most accurate information.

Some popular price guides include:

  • Beckett
  • SMR (Sports Market Report)
  • PSA Collector Guide

Auction Results

Examining auction results can provide invaluable insight into the current market value of Michael Jordan cards. By tracking sales from reputable auction houses, collectors can gain a clearer understanding of how much a specific card might fetch. It’s essential to consider the condition and grade of the card when comparing prices, as these factors greatly influence value.

For example, on 1/27/2022, a PSA 10 Michael Jordan 1987 Fleer card sold for $23,400. By keeping an eye on auction results, you can stay informed about current market trends and make better decisions when buying or selling cards.

Professional Appraisals

Obtaining a professional appraisal from an expert can be extremely beneficial when determining the value of a Michael Jordan card. Appraisers have extensive knowledge in grading, which plays a crucial role in establishing a card’s worth. They can evaluate the card’s condition and rarity, as well as offer insights into recent sales.

Some renowned grading companies that offer professional appraisals include:

  • PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator)
  • BGS (Beckett Grading Services)
  • SGC (Sportscard Guaranty)

It’s important to remember that each method mentioned above has its advantages and limitations. Combining multiple approaches and staying informed about market trends can give you the best chance of accurately determining the value of your Michael Jordan card.

Buying and Selling Tips

When it comes to investing in Michael Jordan cards, there are several factors to consider for making the most of your investment. This section will cover trusted sources for buying and selling cards, timing your investments, and safely storing your collection.

Trusted Sources

To ensure authenticity and avoid buying counterfeit cards, it’s essential to purchase from reliable sources. Here are a few reputable platforms and dealers to consider:

  • Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA): PSA is a well-known and respected grading service that also offers a marketplace for buying and selling cards. They provide detailed information on card values, as seen in the search results.
  • eBay: This platform is popular among card collectors, allowing you to find a wide variety of Michael Jordan cards. Do some research on the seller’s reputation before making a purchase.
  • Specialty card shops and dealers: Local card shops and reputable online dealers can also be a trusted source for buying cards. Be sure to confirm their legitimacy and ask for additional information if needed.

Timing Your Investments

To maximize the value of your Michael Jordan card investments, consider the following factors:

  • Card rarity: Cards with a lower production run, such as the 1996 Fleer Metal Net-Rageous card, will hold more value over time.
  • Historical trends: Analyze the market trends, as certain cards may gain popularity and value over time. For instance, Jordan’s rookie card has seen an upward trajectory in value in recent years.
  • Current events: Prominent events, such as sports news or milestones, can affect card values. Keeping an eye on these events can help you make better-informed decisions.

Safe Storage

Properly storing your Michael Jordan cards is crucial in maintaining and increasing their value. Here are some tips to ensure your cards stay in pristine condition:

  • Use penny sleeves and top loaders: Placing your cards in clear protective sleeves and rigid plastic top loaders will protect them from damage, dirt, and moisture.
  • Consider professional grading: Grading your cards by a trusted service like PSA can help preserve their condition and add credibility to their authenticity.
  • Store in a cool, dry place: Keep your cards away from direct sunlight, heat, and humidity to prevent discoloration or warping. A temperature-controlled environment is best for long-term storage.


Michael Jordan’s exceptional basketball career and cultural impact have significantly driven the value of his trading cards. Collectors and enthusiasts have found immense worth in owning something related to the legendary player. While several cards feature Jordan, a few stand out in terms of value and desirability.

The 1986 Michael Jordan Fleer RC #57 undoubtedly takes the top spot as the most sought-after and valuable card. With a PSA 10 version selling for as high as $840,000, it truly epitomizes the demand for the iconic athlete’s cards. Another valuable option is the 1987 Fleer Michael Jordan Sticker #2, which has seen PSA 10 versions sell for around $23,400.

Other noteworthy cards that attract considerable interest in the market include 1996 Fleer Metal Net-Rageous Michael Jordan card #5, with a PSA 9 value of $2,561, and the visually captivating 1997-98 Skybox E-X2001 Jambalaya that showcases Jordan’s immense popularity. Additionally, the unique 1985 Michael Jordan Nike Promo RC #2 and the 1991 Michael Jordan Upper Deck Baseball RC #SP1 cards offer alternative options for collectors seeking something different from the standard basketball genre.

In summary, the market for Michael Jordan cards remains robust and diverse, catering to various preferences and budgets. The cards mentioned here represent some of the top choices for those looking to invest in or collect pieces related to the incredible athlete. By selecting the right card and understanding its potential value, enthusiasts can find immense satisfaction and value in owning a part of Michael Jordan’s legacy.

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