At $8,950 Dollars This is Louis Vuitton’s Most Expensive Suitcase

There are many different types of luggage out there used to transport you various goods, however nothing is as traditional as a suitcase. This piece of luggage, often associated with men, has been a staple for years and provides users with a relatively simple way of carrying their items, whether it be travel or business related. There are so many companies that produce suitcases, however if you really want to make a statement thats sure to impress your friends, then check out this suitcase from Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton is well known for its high-fashion goods and their high prices, and at $8,950 dollars this suitcase is expensive. The company got started producing trunks and luggage, and they continue to produce some great luggage today. If you are looking to go all in with a suitcase then their Alzer 80 is their largest and most expensive suitcase. The suitcase is made of brown canvas with the Louis Vuitton logo printed on it, leather trim with reinforced rivets, a rounded leather handle, and golden-brass hardware. The dimensions of this suitcase measure out to be 31.5 x 20.47 x 10.24 inches, providing the user with ample amounts of room. The suitcase is closed with two reinforced trunk latches and the Luis Vuitton “S” lock and key, which are well known and found on many of their travel goods. Inside of the suitcase their is a removable tray to help you stay organized. Additionally if the weather makes a  turn for a worse, Louis Vuitton provides a removable weather guard to protect the suitcase from the elements. Interesting enough though, there is no Louis Vuitton logo found on the protective case.

Louis Vuitton also makes other suitcases in the Alzer line, however they are not as big as the Alzer 80. The company also produces a variety of other smaller matching cases for ties and watches that are styled in the same fashion as the Alzer 80. The suitcase is available online or through Louis Vuitton stores.

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