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Diamonds are the ultimate piece of jewelry that people can own. The elegance and luxury that come along with them make the tiny rocks worth the money to many people who love to show them off. Diamonds aren’t cheap and normally all look the same, but recently a trend has been growing that reveals people are actually leaning more towards purchasing colored diamonds when they are available.

These diamonds are never actually just one color and require thorough inspection to determine their quality and clarity. Most of the colored diamond purchases are for personal collections of those who already have quite a few diamond jewelry pieces in their arsenal and are seeking to change things up a bit. Obviously diamonds are expensive, and the majority of people purchasing these colored pieces are those with high income because they have more to invest in a quality piece with a stunning color.

The amount of diamonds in the world is decreasing each year, so the colored ones are going up in value and can be considered a good investment for those that can afford it. The index does not determine the prices of these colored diamonds but they are always fluctuating depending on the current state of the market. Pink diamonds have seen the most rise throughout the years and are always rising in price while blue and yellow have been much more modest in their appreciation amount.

The colored diamonds are currently available in blue, green, yellow, pink, red and orange but most will even offer combinations of these colors. They are extremely complex gems and are very beautiful and unique which is why they are so desirable. The color also offers some insight as to where the gem came from or how it was formed. Green gems have spent millions of years in contact with radioactivity of some form. There is a story behind each of these diamonds and they are an amazing thing to have in a collection.

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