Versace Yellow Diamond Perfume is Not Only Amazing, But Also Really Affordable

Versace Yellow Diamond

Versace is a well-known and prominent Italian fashion and design company that produces a variety of high-end luxury goods. Among their amazing handbags, clothing, shoes, and other products, the company also produces a variety of fragrances for both men and women. They have many different kinds that range in price, however their new Yellow Diamond perfume is not only one of their most popular scents yet, but also one of the companies most affordable options.

This new fragrance from the design house of Versace has captured the attention of the women who wear the perfume as well as those around the women who are wearing this perfume.  With citron notes mixed with Neroli and Bergamot, Freesia and Orange Blossom, Amber Wood and Musk, it has the allure of a fresh morning that energizes and awakens the senses.  It is refreshing and mild enough to wear every day and yet special enough to be a signature scent of the wearer; it is balanced perfectly.

The bottle itself is a work of art featuring a crisp geometry of the diamond it is named after.  It is elegant and modern at the same time.  It attracts the eye like a burst of light as it sparkles on one’s dresser. The fragrance comes in a variety of sizes at different price points too. Your most basic and affordable option is the 0.30 ounce Eau de Toilette roll-on applicator that costs $24 dollars. This is a perfect piece to keep in your handbag if you quickly need to freshen up. For $54 dollars you can purchase the 1 ounce bottle of the Eau de Toiletter Spray, for $70 dollars you can get the 1.7 ounce bottle, or if you want their largest bottle, which is 3 ounces, then it will run you around $90 dollars. Given the fact that you are purchasing perfume from a world-class leading fashion and design company, those prices are not that bad and are certainly affordable for those looking to break into Versace fragrances. 

Photo from Versace

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