How Can You Get A Cheap Versace Necklace?

cheap Versace Necklace

When considering jewelry from a high-end designer such as Versace, Gucci, or Tiffany’s for example, one can expect that you will be spending a lot of money. Typically jewelry from these companies use premium materials, are handmade, and have the brand name of the company. Since the brands of these companies are worth so much, their products are naturally more expensive. We typically look at the most expensive goods from these companies, however this time we are going to look at whats the most affordable. We are going to look at the least “expensive” necklaces that Versace makes for women. While these are their most affordable, they still cost a pretty penny.

3. The Vanitas Fringes Necklace – $825

Versace Vanitas Fringes Necklace

The first necklace on our list looks like something a princess from ancient Greece would wear. The Vanitas Fringes Necklace is very luxurious and elegant. It features a complex bi-color pendent with Medusa’s head on it and metallic tassels that fall off of it. The necklace is made from gold and palladium and all the materials are hypoallergenic.

2. The Emblem Medusa Pendant Necklace – $750

Versace Emblem Medusa Pendant Necklace

Next up is this Medusa Pendant. The necklace has a thick chain and a large pendant with the words “Versace” on it and their logo, which is the head of Medusa. Versace says that this necklace is perfect for any occasion, not just when you want to dress up. The necklace is twenty inches in length and the pendant is two and a half inches in height. The necklace is made from gold-tone metal, and has a ball and chain, and an adjustable lobster clasp. The necklace is made in Italy and is hypoallergenic and contains no nickel or lead.

1. The Icon Medusa Necklace – $495

Versace Icon Medusa Necklace

Finally we have the Icon Medusa Necklace coming in at just under $500 dollars as Versace’s cheapest necklace. The necklace is 18 inches in length, made from gold-tone metal, and has a Medusa medallion with Swarovski crystals. Versace exclaims that they are going for a more “urban look” with this necklace. The necklace is made in Italy and is currently their most affordable.

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