Five of the Grandest Grand Pianos

Top Grand Pianos

The grand piano is a staple in any orchestra or musicians home, as they are the best kind of pianos that money can buy. They are the largest which allows the to have the greatest amount of tonal range. Their tone is richer and more pronounced, and they are truly what a piano should sound like. Now pianos in general are very expensive, and grand pianos are the most expensive. So what are some of the best grand pianos currently on the market? Let’s take a look at five amazing grand pianos that are some of the best that money can buy right now. All of the pianos on are list cost at least $100,000 dollars so they certainly are quite the investments.

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5. The Baldwin SD-10

The Baldwin SD-10

Now owned by Gibson Guitars, Baldwin is still a well respected name within the piano world. At the top of their lineup is the SD-10 and it is their flagship piano and their largest piano as it measures out to be 9 feet in length.  The exterior of the piano is made from maple, the soundboard is made from spruce, and the keys are made from African ebony wood. It is also the most affordable piano on our list with the price of $103,500.

Photo from Baldwin

4. The Kawai EX Concert Piano

kawai EX

Kawai is a Japanese brand that is well respected in the industry, and you cannot go wrong with owning one. The EX Concert Grand Piano is their flagship model so it’s the very best they sell. The piano is made from spruce and ebony wood and it comes in at 9 feet in length.

Photo from Kawai

3. The Yamaha Disklavier E3

Yamaha Disklavier E3

Another great grand piano that you cannot go wrong with is the Yamaha Disklaver E3. This is their flagship model that is used by many musicians, performers, and orchestras across the world. This piano combines everything we love about acoustic pianos with modern technology like fiber optic sensing systems and more. It’s probably the most technologically advanced piano you can get, and it sounds great too. It’s also a bit pricey with the retail price of $260,000.

Photo from Yamaha

2. The Bechstein B208

Bechstein B

Made in Germany, Bechsteins have always been well received and they are regarded as one of the best piano manufactures in the world. The B208 is one of their most premium grand pianos that they sell and it is also one of the most versatile grand pianos on the market it which makes it very attractive.

Photo from Bechstein

1. The Steinway & Sons Model D


Many pianist and musicians would agree that Steinway & Sons is the best piano manufacturer and brand in the entire world. They are some of the most sought after pianos and the most expensive on the market. Their Model D is their flagship grand piano and it is pretty much everything you could want in a piano. You can never be faulted for purchasing a Steinway and the Model D is truly an amazing instrument.

Photo from Steinway

Written by Sebastian Hensiek

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