The Top 5 Hotel Bars in 2015

Best Hotel Bars 2015

The best and most luxurious hotels in the world also have some of the coolest bars around. These hotels offer the complete package, including a premium bar and lounge that serves guests a variety of offerings. From crazy cocktails to your standard beer, these bars have it all. Recently the editors over at Condé Nast Traveler picked out some of the best hotel bars for 2015. While all of them were great, we are going to look at five that standout the most. Here are the top five hotel bars for 2015.

5. Hotel Jerome – Aspen, U.S.A. 

Hotel Jerome 

When you’re too cold to ski anymore the bar at Hotel Jerome in Aspen is a great place to curl up and have a drink. The bar is fairly traditional and cozy, and is certainly the bar you want to visit in the wintertime as there are many fireplaces. Expect to find traditional cocktails like Old Fashioned’s, Manhattan’s, and others here.

4. Das Stue – Berlin, Germany

Das Stue

The next bar on the list is the bar within the Das Stue hotel in Berlin, Germany. Aside from the hip interior, the crazy drinks served by award-winning mixologist Michael Frohnwieser, and the intimate setting, this bar also looks right out into portions of the Berlin Zoo. So when you’re enjoying a cocktail, some emu’s might wander outside the window. Obviously this makes for a very unique experience.

3. Aman Canal Grande – Venice, Italy

Aman Canal Grande, Venice

This bar is pretty self explanatory. The hotel is located within a building from the 16th-century, it’s in Venice, you have amazing views, and it’s decorated like a palace. If you want a romantic and amazing bar to come to in Venice, the Aman Canal Grande hotel bar is a good choice.

2. Alvear Palace Hotel – Buenos Aires, Argentina  

Alvear Palace Hotel

If you’re in Buenos Aires and want to drink like a prince the Alvear Palace Hotel can make that happen. I mean the hotel has the world “palace” in its name, so you know you’re in for a treat here. The hotel’s bar is absurdly extravagant and luxurious, and certainly very up-scale.

1. La Mamounia – Marrakech, Morocco 

La Mamounia

Morocco as a country has many different influences that contribute to its unique culture: it is primarily Arabic, however it’s still in Africa, the Romans have ruins here, and its so close to Europe. All of those influences are realized in the bar within the La Mamounia hotel in Marrakech and it offers a truly unique and amazing experience. Come for the exotic atmosphere and stay for the quality drinks, it has a lot to offer.

Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images, Hotel Jerome, Das Stue, Aman Resorts, Alvear Palace, La Mamounia

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