Five of the Most Incredible Hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas is the gambling capital in the west and it is home to many amazing casinos, restaurants, and resorts. The city has always been known for its extravagance and nightlife, in addition to gambling. The popular hotel and casinos here attract people from all over the world who are looking to have a good time, win big bucks, or have a memorable bachelor party. Since Las Vegas is primarily a tourist town, there is an oversaturated market of hotels. When planning a trip to Las Vegas it can be difficult to pick the right hotel for you. We compiled a list of some of the nicest hotels in Las Vegas to help you make a decision when coming here. These hotels are some of the best and are luxurious and expensive. If you want top-of-the-line then consider some of these hotels on our list as they are all five-star hotels.

5. The Signature at MGM Grand

The Signature at MGM Grand

The first hotel that we are going to look at is The Signature at MGM Grand. It is located on 145 East Harmon Avenue and is close to many popular locations. The hotel is extremely luxurious and was produced and built in a partnership between MGM Mirage and Turnberry Associates. The hotel is pretty expansive and is located in three towers that have 38 stories each. The Signature at MGM Grand is a condo-hotel so all the rooms are are extremely large and essentially condos with full kitchens and multiple rooms. Each tower as 576 rooms, giving the hotel a grand total of 1,728 rooms. The hotel provides easy access to the MGM Grand casino and all that it has to offer. Additionally, occupants at The Signature have access to private pools, a private theme park, a fitness center, an extravagant spa, and multiple restaurants. This hotel is also the first high-rise condo-hotel in Las Vegas when it was initially built. You can’t go wrong with The Signature at MGM Grand.

4. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan

Next up we have the luxurious and modern hotel that is The Cosmopolitan. This hotel is newer on the Las Vegas scene however it is extremely nice and if you have the chance to stay here, you should not pass up the offer. Construction of the hotel began in 2005, however it would no open up until December of 2010 due to financial difficulties. The hotel is spaced out over two high rise towers that are located conveniently right on the Las Vegas Boulevard South. So aside from being right in the action of Las Vegas, this hotel has a lot to offer. The hotel has 2,995 expansive guest rooms and suites (most of which have their own private terrace), an expansive 110,000 square foot casino, over 300,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space, a 40,000 square foot spa and fitness center, a large theater, and over 150,000 square feet of meeting rooms and convention space. The hotel offers small one bedroom rooms, to expansive penthouse suites depending on your budget. There is also two nightclubs located at the hotel, including the Marquee Nightclub which is one of the top-grossing nightclubs in America.

3. The Venetian

The Venetian

Next up we have the popular Venetian hotel. The Venetian is located right on the Las Vegas Strip between Harrah’s and The Palazzo. It was erected in 1999 and quickly became one of the more popular hotels and casinos in the area. The entire theme of the massive complex is that of Venice, Italy complete with real gondola rides. The hotel offers 4,049 expansive suites and rooms and a 120,000 square foot casino making it one of the larger hotel and casinos in Las Vegas. You will find everything at The Venetian: from world class spas, to recreation rooms, to a fitness center, excellent room service, and many different restaurants and bars. The interior of the hotel is top-notch as well and filled with amazing artwork.

2. The Palazzo 

The Palazzo

The famous Palazzo also makes our list of the best hotels in Las Vegas. The Palazzo opened up in 2007 and quickly became one of the more popular hotels and resorts found in Las Vegas. The entire complex of the hotel is massive when you include the 105,000 square foot casino that is attached. The hotel follows a theme of modern European luxury and that theme is found throughout the hotels 3,068 suites. There are no guest rooms at this hotel, only suites. The hotel features everything you would expect like a spa, pools, premium restaurants, a fitness center, and much more. There are also many premium shopping opportunities to be had at this hotel, in addition to the Lamborghini dealership.

1. The SkyLOFTS at MGM Grand

MGM Grand Skylofts

Sitting on top of the MGM Grand casino and hotel are the SkyLOFTS. These are easily some of the nicest “room” that you can rent in Las Vegas. Actually, they aren’t really rooms, rather they are luxurious, multi-level loft apartments that you can rent. These exclusive lofts offer the highest amounts of luxury that one could ask for. MGM calls it a “luxury boutique hotel experience”.


These lofts are absolutely insane, and are easily the nicest accommodations that you can receive when you come to Las Vegas. Some of the more expensive lofts even come with their own plunge pool that is located outside on the expansive balcony. The smallest loft available is 1,400 square feet with the largest one being an insane 6,000 square feet. These are nicer than where most people live. If you have the money to afford the SkyLOFTS, then there really are no other options.

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Written by Sebastian Hensiek

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