The 10 Finest Luxury Collection Starwood Hotels and Resorts

Luxury Collection Starwood Hotels

Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide is a massive American hotel and hospitality company that owns and operates some of the most luxurious hotels found throughout the entire world. They own a variety of brands that include Westin, Sheraton, W Hotels, St. Regis, and a few others. In addition to the various brands that they oversee, Starwood also manages “The Luxury Collection”. These are standalone properties that are among some of the nicest imaginable. There are 104 different hotels and properties throughout the world that are apart of the Luxury Collection and they are all amazing in their own rights. Since that particular collection is so premium and that this is Worthly, we are going to look at the ten finest hotels from Starwood’s Luxury Collection.

10. Hotel Imperial – Vienna, Austria 

Hotel Imperial

Vienna is among some of the nicest and most luxurious cities found in all of Europe, and it is here that we find an amazing hotel from the Luxury Collection. Hotel Imperial is arguably one of the most beautiful and premium hotels in the entire city, and it embodies everything that Vienna represents. It offers premium rooms, a few restaurants, exceptional views, and class-leading service. If Mozart or Schubert were still alive, they would definitely stay in this hotel.

9. Vana Belle – Koh Samui, Thailand

Vana Belle

From the clear waters and the white sands to the incredible spa and the amazing rooms, Vana Belle in Thailand is another standout hotel from the Luxury Collection. Thailand is the most popular travel destination in Southeast Asia, and you can experience the country in premium five-star accommodations at this hotel. Sure it may be a little difficult to get here, but it is definitely worth the trip.

8. The SLS Hotel – Los Angeles, United States

SLS Hotel

The SLS Hotel in Los Angeles is among one of the finest hotels within the city. It’s located in Beverly Hills so it features all the amenities and luxuries that you’d expect a hotel to have in the area where all the big names in Hollywood live. You’ll find regal furnishings, expansive rooms, great dining opportunities, and amazing service when staying here. Again, it’s in Beverly Hills so obviously it’s going to be nice.

7. Mystique – Santorini, Greece


Santorini, in my opinion, is the most beautiful and exquisite island in Greece. It’s unique geography, charming cliff-side towns, and warm climate make it a popular vacation destination for many. Mystique is the Luxury Collection hotel on the island, and it is one of the few hotels on the island that offer five-star accommodations. From the incredible vistas to the rejuvenating spa, Mystique is not only a hotel, but an experience.

6. Tambo del Inka – Urubamba, Peru

Tambo del Inka Resort

If you seek a relaxing trip where you want to get away from it all, then definitely stay at Tambo del Inka. It offers all the five-star amenities and features that you’d expect from a hotel within Starwood’s Luxury Collection, yet it’s pretty far out there. You can stay in the hotel and be pampered like royalty, or explore the local area. It’s also the only hotel in the area that has a private train station that will take you to Machu Picchu, so that’s cool.

5. Excelsior Hotel Gallia – Milan, Italy

Excelsior HOtel Gallia

The Excelsior Hotel Gallia combines the premium amenities and features of any Luxury Collection hotel with sought-after Italian design. On the outside, the hotel is appears very traditionally luxurious while the interior styling is modern and robust. The hotel is one of the nicest in the country, and it has the largest spa in all of Milan. What more could you want?

4. The Castle Hotel – Dalian, China

The Castle Hotel

The Castle Hotel looks as though it would be a structure found in Switzerland, yet it is actually in China. The luxury hospitality market in China is huge and ever-expanding, and this is a prime example of some of the hotels found in China. The Castle Hotel is absolutely massive, luxurious, and over-the-top in all the right ways imaginable. Plus the views here cannot be beaten.

3. Hotel Marqués de Riscal – Elciego, Spain

Hotel Marqués de Riscal

Not only is the Hotel Marqués de Riscal extremely premium and luxurious like all the hotels in Starwood’s Luxury Collection, it is also arguably the most architectural impressive. When your hotel is basically a work of art, it is obviously going to be pretty nice. The town of Elciego is extremely charming and has much to offer travelers in terms of activity, so it makes for the perfect location for this extremely unique and wonderful hotel.

2. The Grosvenor House – Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Grosvenor House

The Grosvenor House is Starwood’s flagship Luxury Collection hotel in Dubai. Like the city that is known for over-the-top luxury and wealth, this hotel embodies everything that Dubai represents. You can expect massive rooms, a few five-star restaurants, a luxurious spa, and much more. We’re talking about a hotel that offers guests personal butlers and what not, so it’s pretty spectacular.

1. Hotel President Wilson – Geneva, Switzerland

Hotel President Wilson

Not only is the Hotel President Wilson one of the nicest hotels within the Luxury Collection, it’s arguably one of the nicest hotels in the entire world. This five-star property offers all the exceptional features and amenities that we know and love from Starwood’s collection, and then some. However the hotel also offers one thing that no other hotel in the world can match: the most expensive hotel suite ever. The Royal Penthouse Suite here redefines the word “luxury” as it offers 12 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a Steinway piano, two dining rooms, and more. It also costs about $65,000 dollars per night which is pretty absurd.

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