The Five Best New Scotches for 2017


Scotch is one of the finest whiskeys you can find, and a fine liquor by all standards. It has been around for eons, but it has never lost its touch or popularity. And, amazingly, it does more than just make life temporarily merrier as it has a host of health benefits, from preventing cancer to burning extra fats and calories. Certainly, scotch is an exceptional drink and one of life’s simple yet amazing pleasures.

And, in spite of its long and rich history, brewers around the world are always coming up with new scotches that are increasingly alluring. 2016, in particular, has seen an emergence of new exotic flavors and textures of scotch that will revolutionize drinking in 2017. Here is a review of the five best new scotches for 2017.

Glenfarclas 30 Year

The Glenfarclas 30 Year takes the first position owing to its exceptional flavor and texture. It hails from Scotland, and it is a product of one of the best distillers in Speyside, Glenfarclas Distillery. The secret behind the outstanding taste and texture of the Glenfarclas 30 Year lies in its age; this scotch is one of the oldest in Glenfarclas Distillery with a history dating back to two generations. It is also made of the finest ingredients, and features a blend of fruity and nutty flavors.

It has notes of pecans, sweet nuts, and almonds, which blend in perfectly and are masked behind an alluring taste of sherry. The texture is best described as nutty, and it is smooth all the way. The palate has a hint of cinnamon and a spicy touch that leaves you longing for more. The scent, on the other hand, is composed of dried fruits and sherry, and it is every bit as alluring as the exotic flavor. The Glenfarclas 30 Year, being the best scotch to look forward to in 2017, is also the most expensive of the batch.

A bottle of this scotch goes for $450, but the alluring flavor that gets you joyously merry is worth it.

Glenfiddich 21 Year

The Glenfiddich 21 Year will feel like paradise for you if you are one with a taste for sweet liquor. This scotch is exceptional not only in its taste but also its composition. It is a mix of Caribbean and Scottish mastery in brewing, and it comes with elements of both regions.

The rum used for brewing the Glenfiddich 21 Year is made in the Caribbean but the rest of the brewing takes place in Scotland. Once in Scotland, the casks are filled with whiskey, which is left to mature for six months. The aging, coupled with the mixed heritage, makes this scotch one of the finest to look forward to in 2017 for all the right reasons.

To start with, it has a sweet flavor composed of notes of orange, citrus, caramel, toffee, and apple, among others. It also has an alluring fruity scent that resembles oranges and honey. However, it is worth its quality as a bottle of this fine scotch goes for $172.

Glenlivet Cipher

The Glenlivet Cipher is a typical Glenlivet scotch: it does not indicate age or taste, and it comes in a classic Glenlivet jet-black bottle. The best way to describe the Glenlivet Cipher, just like its predecessor the Glenlivet Alpha, is simple and exotic.

The Glenlivet Cipher takes the exotic taste of the Glenlivet Alpha a notch higher as it features hints of apple and citrus. It also has a unique spicy taste with notes of pepper and ginger. However, you will not deduce more from this scotch as it is amazingly smooth; to this end, it is rightly dubbed ‘the world’s most mysterious whiskey’ by its creator.

The beauty in this whisky lies in its smooth texture. Although it is not as tasty as the other brands in the list, it is very captivating to say the least if the opinions of scotch enthusiasts are anything to go by. Think of it as a better version of the Glenlivet Alpha, which has also been a hit sensation since its release in 2013 to date.

The Glenlivet Cipher is fairly priced as a bottle of this scotch goes for $120, which is conveniently affordable considering that this is one of the finest scotches that will grace the market come 2017.

Kilkerran 12 Year

Kilkerran 12 Year hails from the hometown of some of the finest scotch in the world; Campbeltown, Scotland. It is a product of Glengyle Distillery, and it has proven to be their finest creation to date. And, its exotic flavors and texture has earned it a spot among the best new scotches to look forward to in 2017. This scotch is made from a blend of sherry cask matured malt and first-fill bourbon matured malt, and the result is a sweet yet spicy flavor.

The exotic mix of flavors are deluding, but it will be hard to miss the taste of dried fruit, vanilla, citrus, cinnamon, and pepper. The scotch’s scent is also just as exciting as its flavor as it has an aroma of honey and butterscotch, which will get you in the mood even before you take the first sip. Perhaps the best thing about the Kilkerran 12 Year is that you can enjoy its exotic taste for an affordable price of only $45, and it is undoubtedly worth every cent.

Haig Club Clubman

Clubman never disappoints, and the new Haig Club Clubman captures the essence of this outstanding brand. This scotch is developed for the younger generation as it features a nutty flavor and comes with an affordable price tag.

The Haig Club Clubman is a product of Cameronbridge Distillery, and it hails from the home of the finest scotch brands the industry has to offer. In spite of its seemingly cheap price compared to other brands in the list, the Haig Club Clubman is just as exotic and alluring as the rest. It features a blend of vanilla, toffee, caramel, and orange, and the overall flavor is nutty and slightly spicy. The scent is also fruity with a note of orange and honey.

The Haig Club Clubman is conveniently affordable as it goes for only $30, and its explosive flavor is every bit enticing for both young and veteran drinkers.

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