Dom Perignon That Comes With A Trip To France


Wouldn’t you love to have a case of Dom Perignon champagne and a trip to France? That is what Dom Perignon and auction house Auctionata are offering. The online auction is open through December 10 and will end with a live streamed auction. The live stream auction will include Dom Perignon’s Chef de Cave, Richard Geoffry and Auctionata/Paddle 8’s Chief Innovation Officer and Auctioneer, Alexander Gelkes. The minimum bid is $38,500.

La Malle Plentitude by Dom Perignon is a partnership between Dom Perignon and the art and luxury auction house Auctionata, offering 5 cases of vintage Dom Perignon champagne. Each case sold includes a private trip for 2 to Hautvillers, the northeastern French village where Dom Perignon first developed his vintage champagne and where the iconic champagne is still made by Moet et Chandon. The trip includes a private tour of the winery’s historic abbey and cellar which is closed to the public.

What each winning bid includes:


Each winning bid includes 23 bottles of vintage Dom Perignon champagne. Each bottle is meticulously selected by Dom Perginon’s Chef de Cave, Richard Geoffrey. The case will include vintage champagnes released by Dom Perignon between 1969 and 2006. The case includes 10 bottles of Dom Perignon vintage champagne from the first plentitude. Champagne from the first plentitude collection is aged for 7 years. The case also includes 10 bottles from the second plentitude which is matured from 11 to 20 years. To top off the case, 3 bottles from the third plentitude are included. The third plentitude consists of champagne carefully aged for 30 years, capturing the essence of the original Dom Perignon. Moet et Chandon will keep a sixth case in its collection.

Customized Case

Each of the 5 cases sold will be personally customized. The cases or trunks are handcrafted to reflect the tradition of Dom Perignon’s iconic champagne. Each of the elegant trunks will feature stylish mirrors that add sophistication and reflection of the Dom Perignon tradition and a reflection of the owner. Each of the auction winners will have the opportunity to customize the trunk’s interior. A choice of 123 combinations of leather and fabrics are offered to customize the interior of the trunk. Each trunk will feature a personalized engraving on the exterior. The personalized elegant trunks are a sophisticated way to hold and display the valuable collection of vintage Dom Perignon champagne.

Private trip to France

Hautvillers, France is the home of the original Benedictine Abbey where Dom Perignon created wines and pioneered the creation of champagne in the seventeenth century. The private trip offered to the winning bidders of La Malle Plentitude auction includes a visit to the Abbey of Saint-Pierre. This is the original site of the Abbey where Dom Perignon worked to create the iconic champagne as well as wines. The original Abbey was destroyed during the French Revolution but was rebuilt with Romanesque columns with carved grape motifs. The Abbey is a peaceful building filled with natural light. The stone flooring in the rooms is authentic. Guests of the Abbey or House of Dom Perignon are invited into the tasting room which was the monastery’s former library. The private trip offers a tour of the renowned cellars where Dom Perignon and Moet and Chandon have created its wines and champagnes for a century. This trip is certain to be a memorable experience for the wine connoisseur.


Dom Perignon Champagne

Dom Perignon was a Benedictine monk who lived in Hautvillers, France in the seventeenth century. He was born in Sainte-Menehould in the Province of Champagne. He was the youngest of 7 children, and his father’s family owned several vineyards in the region. At 17, he entered the Benedictine Order and was transferred to the Sainte-Pierre Abbey in 1668. Perignon was one of the Abbey’s cellarers. He helped to improve the quality of wine produced during his tenure at the monastery. He also pioneered the creation of white wines and champagne. At that time and in that region of France, wines were predominantly red. Perignon blended black grapes, Pinot Noir, with white grapes, Chardonnay, to create white wines.

Contrary to popular belief, Perignon did not create champagne but was a pioneer in making sparkling white wine. At the time, sparkling wine was considered a mistake in the wine making process and the weak glass bottles often exploded, causing injury to the wine makers. Perignon’s intricate blending of grapes and careful natural fermentation process created delicious blends of white wines and sparkling wines. He also pioneered the use of cork instead of wood tied with hemp cords to seal the bottles and prevent explosion. Champagne did not become popular until the mid nineteenth century. Moet and Chandon would later name its champagne, Dom Perignon in honor of the monk. When Dom Perignon died in 1715, he was buried in the Abbey’s cemetery with honor. In 1718 the Canon Godinot was published as a wine making guide with rules credited to Dom Perignon.

Claude Moet established his wine and champagne company in 1743 and supplied his company’s sparkling wine to Paris and King Louis XV who was fond of it. In 1833, Pierre-Gabriel Chandon became Jean-Remy Moet, Claude’s grandson, and the company was named Moet et Chandon. In 1842 the company began marketing their vintage champagne and named it Dom Perignon in honor of the Benedictine monk. The vintage champagne became internationally popular in the early twentieth century and was marketed to buyers in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Today, Dom Perignon is popular throughout the world and reflects the brand’s tradition and prestige.

La Malle Plentitude

La Malle Plentitude by Dom Perignon is set to be a popular auction in the world of champagne connoisseurs. The custom designed elegant and sophisticated trunk will hold the best quality vintage champagnes in the world. The private trip to the home of Moet et Chandon in Hautvillers, France is the icing on the cake for the champagne enthusiast. This is a once in a life time opportunity to own the best of the iconic champagne.

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