Five of The Most Expensive Ski Resorts in The World

The Most Expensive Ski Resorts - Survetta House Resort

Skiing and various other winter sports are a great way to keep yourself occupied during the colder months of the year. And if you want to ski in style and truly have the full experience, then a ski resort is obviously the best place to make it happen. Like beach resorts, prestigious ski resorts offer the full luxury expereince and are typically filled with beautiful suites, multiple restaurants, a large spa, and much more. As we all know, some ski resorts can get quite costlyt which is why we wanted to take a look at five of the most expensive ski resorts in the world. As you will come to see nearly all of the most expensive and most luxurious ski resorts are located within the European Alps, as that is typically considered the end-all-be-all of skiing destinations.

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The Almhof Schneider Resort

5. The Almhof Schneider Resort – Lech, Austria

Price per night: $1,666

Placing a great amount of detail on design, luxury, and exclusivity, the Almhof Schneider Resort in Austria is not only one of the nicest ski resorts in the world, it’s also one of the most expensive. Depending on when you visit this beautiful resort, you can expect to pay anywhere from $866 to $2,510 dollars, but you can usually expect at least $1,600 per night during the winter months. In total there are only 18 guest rooms and 35 suites which are adorned with natural wood and stones from the region, and they incorporate light color schemes, wood architecture, minimalistic furniture, and more. This hotel is extremely stylish as you will quickly learn whilst walking through its halls. Throw in a beautiful restaurant, a large spa, a personal movie theather, an indoor pool, and a library and you can see why its so expensive to stay here. Of course, the beautiful location doesn’t hurt either.

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Carlton Hotel St. Moritz

4. The Carlton Hotel St. Moritz – St. Moritz, Switzerland

Price per night: $3,310

The Carlton Hotel St. Moritz is also one of the most expensive ski resorts in the world, and it’s also one of the most famous ones as well….that’s located in one of the most famous skiing towns. The hotel and resort overlook the surrounding area and the views are quite incredible. The Carlton Hotel is over 100 years old and has become a landmark over all of those years. This famous hotel is home to 60 beautiful suites, three restaurants (one of which has 1 Michelin star), a massive spa, a few banquet halls, and of course easy access to the surrounding slopes. Additionally The Carlton Hotel offers a plethora of other winter activities for quests like ice skating, curling, shedding, winter hiking, and even horse-drawn sleigh rides.

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Suvretta House St. Moritz

3. The Suvretta House – St. Moritz, Switzerland 

Price per night: $3,595

The Suvretta House is another one of St. Moritz’s most iconic hotels, and it is another extremely expensive ski resort. Located within the pristine mountains just outside the main part of the town, The Suvretta House is a five-star hotel and resort that offers the quintessential luxury Alpine experience. There are two restaurants, three bars, 210-rooms and suites, and even a few boutiques to shop at. Guests have access to a range of different winter sports and there’s even a ski lift located right by the hotel for easy access to the local mountains. The Suvretta House is internationally recognized and has won variety of awards over the years, making it one of the best ski resorts out there.

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Hotel Aurelio Lech

2. Hotel Aurelio Lech – Lech, Austria

Price per night: $6,176

While it may not look like much from the outside, you definitely shouldn’t underestimate Hotel Aurelio Lech in Austria. It appears to be quite small compared to some of the other properties on our list, and that’s because it is. Hotel Aurelio Lech is essentially a boutique ski resort with only 19 premium rooms in total, all of which are essentially small apartments. Additionally this five-star property has won many awards over the years, so it’s quite desirable. Basically you get the same experience offered by most leading luxury ski resorts combined with the intimacy that is only seen within small boutique properties. For many, this makes the Hotel Aurelio Lech one of the best resorts in the world.

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Les Suites de La Potinière

1. Les Suites de La Potinière – Courchevel, France  

Price per night: $10,295

With the average price of a room per night at around $10,000 dollars during the winter months, Les Suites de la Potinière is one of the most expensive ski resorts in the world, if not the most expensive ski resort. Located within the beautiful town of Courchevel in the Alps, Les Suites de la Potinière is a standout five-star property. This prestigious ski resort offers only 33 rooms and suites in total, so it’s fairly intimate. They have a high-end restaurant, a ski shop, a world leading spa, a few bars, incredible service, and much more. The staff and management at Les Suites de la Potinière place a great emphasis on attention to detail. Every room could be in a design magazine and they have all the amenities that you could ever ask for, which is why it’s so expensive to stay here.

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