Ferrari Produces A Carbon Fiber Chess Set for Over $2000

Ferrari Carbon Fiber Chess Set

Ferrari has been producing some of the hottest supercars and race cars for some time now and are well known for making some of the best cars in their class. This legendary automobile and engine manufacturer has successfully been able to increase its brand equity not only through its world class sport and racing vehicles, but also through the use of successful branding. Ferrari produces a variety of goods and accessories to sell to the consumer allowing them to show off their love for the brand. Ferrari has done a suburb job putting its logo on a wide range of items and merchandise.

Off of Ferraris online store one can nearly buy anything with the Ferrari name on it. They sell hats, shirts, pants, shoes, watches, sunglasses, model cars, luggage, calendars, note books, video game controllers, headphones, cigar humidors and much more. Ferrari really has a massive merchandise line-up of non-autombile goods. Well, now Ferrari is breaking into board game territory with its introduction of a expensive chess set.

Ferrari really likes to incorporate carbon fiber material into various pieces of their supercars as the material is very strong and extremely light. Well they also wanted to use some for a chess board. The Ferrari Carbon Fiber Chess set is a very high-end chess set that is currently being sold for $2,050 dollars off of their website. The majority of the board is made from wood which is then covered in carbon fiber. The edges around the entire set are in the iconic Ferrari red in addition to their logo found on top of the board. The face of the board is made up of alternating squares of carbon fiber and fiberglass. The chess pieces themselves are made from wood that is varnished in either all black or Ferraris shade of red. Additionally the knight pieces are modeled off of the prancing horse that is found in Ferrari’s logo. The board itself has a lock on it that reveals an interior compartment when opened up. The interior of the chess board features places to store the chess pieces and it also comes with Ferrari red and black colored checker pieces, in case one wants to play checkers. In addition to this chess set Ferrari also makes a mahjong board, a Chinese checkers set, a backgammon set, and a set of dominoes that all cost a considerable amount of money. All of their board games are made from hand in Italy, just like their supercars.

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