How are the World’s Most Expensive Sunglasses Over $400,000?

Saying sunglasses make you look cool is just a matter of fact. There are all different kinds of companies and styles out there for sunglasses. From the $5 dollar knock of Wayfarers to high-end sunglasses produced by fashion companies like Gucci and Prada, one can acquire sunglasses at nearly any price. However if you really want to stand out and make a statement with your sun protecting eye where, then you have to get the best of the best, and this will cost you. However, at what price is it considered to much to pay for sunglasses?$200 dollars? 2,000 dollars? $200,000 dollars? Keep going up because you won’t believe how much the worlds most expensive sunglasses cost.

There are a few factors that go into making expensive sunglasses: the quality of the frames, the lenses, the material that the glasses are made from, the style, and most importantly which brand it belongs to. In the world of high-fashion there really are no limits in cost. Gucci sells sunglasses for upwards of $500 dollars, for example. If you think this is a lot, then you might need to think again.

Swiss fashion and luxury design company Chopard makes a variety of different goods, and they also happen to make the most expensive pair of sunglasses. There sunglasses are very popular among celebrities, most notably Elton John. At $408,496 dollars they really do make the most expensive pair of sunglasses. Let that number sink in with you for awhile. You could purchase two Ferraris for that price, or even a home. These sunglasses (pictured above) were created by De Rigo Vision and are truly extravagant. You should think of these as a piece of jewelry that happens to also be a pair of sunglasses. The glasses have 51 fully cut River diamonds set in 60 grams of 24 carat gold. The diamonds themselves come in at 4 carats. The diamonds are positioned in such a fashion to ensure that each diamond will dazzle and glow no matter what angle you are looking at them. These sunglasses elevate the phrase “fashion statement” to new levels. I cannot imagine what income bracket you would have to be in to justify the purchase of these $400,000 plus dollar sunglasses, however there are people out there that can afford these.

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Written by Sebastian Hensiek

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