These Versace T Shirts Will Cost You At Least $825 a Piece

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You can pick up a simple t-shirt for around $15-30 bucks depending on who makes it and what it looks like. T-shirts are a staple in anyones wardrobe, however if you want some expensive t-shirts then take a look at these from Versace. Versace is known for its luxury fashion items and their high price-tags, and those facts hold true for their t-shirts. Versace has found a way to turn a t-shirt into a nearly $1,000 dollar investment. We are going to look at five Versace t-shirts that start at $825 dollars, and these are some of the companies most expensive.

5. The Crocodile Print T-Shirt with Medusa – $825

Versace Shirt

At $825 dollars the first t-shirt on our list is the Crocodile Print T-Shirt with their Medusa logo. This shirt is available for women and features a unique reptile-like pattern and their gold logo near the neck.

4. The Versace Sheriff T-Shirt – $875

Versace Sheriff tshirt

The next t-shirt is the Sheriff T-Shirt for men. This is a simple black t-shirt that has the Versace logo located inside a Sheriff’s star. The shirt has a regular fit, short sleeves, with a crewneck. You would expect a t-shirt of this price made from silk or something, however it is made from 100% cotton.

3. The Cotton Versace T-Shirt – $895

Versace Cotton Shirt

At $895 dollars we have the Cotton Versace T-Shirt. This black, regular fit t-shirt features the word “Versace” embroidered on it three times and it is made from 100% cotton. Outside of that, it’s just a regular t-shirt.

2. The Embellished Medusa-Head T-Shirt – $925

Embellished Medusa-head T-shirt

The next t-shirt on our list is the Embellished Medusa-Head T-Shirt for women. The shirt comes in either pink, white, or black and features the Versace Medusa logo that is made from gold embellishments. The shirt also has a detailed gold studded neckline. The shirt is made from 95% viscose and 5% elastane, instead of cotton.

1. The Embroidered Swarovski T-Shirt – $995

 Embroidered Swarovski T-Shirt

At $995 dollars the Embroidered Swarovski T-Shirt is the most expensive t-shirt that Versace currently makes. The shirt is made from cotton, and like the name implies, the logo is embroidered with real Swarovski crystals. Those crystals really make this shirt pop, and offer a unique and new material. As we get to the end of the list, you are really paying for the Versace name with these t-shirts. I mean, that is to be expected, but aside from the Swarovski shirt, they are all pretty standard t-shirts.

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