Louis Vuitton Joins Forces With UNICEF To Help Children In Urgent Need

Louis Vuitton Joins Forces With UNICEF To Help Children In Urgent Need

In an effort to aid impoverished and in-need children around the world, Louis Vuitton has recently entered into a new partnership with UNICEF. The haute fashion brand hopes to both increase awareness and help raise money for UNICEF’s various programs that benefit children with a new campaign.

The two have created a social media campaign with the hashtag #MAKEAPROMISE which they have been posting on the various social media sites. Additionally they have created two new products that will help raise money for UNICEF. Louis Vuitton has a Silver Locket Pendant and a Silver Locket Bracelet, both of which were specifically designed for this new campaign.

Both the Locket Pendant and the Locket Bracelet retail for $700 dollars, and for the sale of each piece, Louis Vuitton will donate $200 dollars to UNICEF. So at the end of the day luxury consumers get a haute piece of jewelry that not only looks good and is from Louis Vuitton, but they are also helping a great charity for children. For more information or if you are interested in buying a piece, visit Louis Vuitton’s website.

Louis Vuitton UNICEF SIlver Locket Pendant

Louis Vuitton UNICEF SIlver Locket bracelet

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