Did you Know Versace Makes $1,125 Gladiator Shoes?

High-end fashion designer brands can be very strange. Just look at any fashion companies runway lineup, and you will see some pretty strange things and you will find yourself asking “who would ever wear that”. Well with certain companies you will not even have to look at their runway line, you can find the weirdest things in their normal clothing line-ups that are available for sale. Since you are dealing with a high-fashion designer company, those strange products are also extremely expensive, furthering the notion of “why”. Well, take a look at these Versace Gladiator Shoes.

Versace is definitely one of those companies that does not care what other people think, and they will produce some strange products “because they can”, at least that is what it seems. Well, that seems to be extremely relevant with these gladiator shoes. These shoes are styled off of ancient roman designs, as Versace believes that the 2,000 plus year old design never went out of style.

The shoes themselves are made entirely out of fine leather that is stained all-black. There is one strap located on these shoes that is used to fasten the shoes. On the shoes themselves is the Versace logo, over and over again, in all-gold hardware. They seem fitting as their logo is based off of Medusa, so it fits in well with gladiators and the Roman theme they are going for. Versace recommends that you wear these shoes with “a shiny evening suit”, however I cannot imagine a suit with these. I cannot really imagine what you would wear with these; as you can probably tell I am not really a fan. I mean these are really polarizing, however I am sure there are some people out there who wear these. The shoes are made in Italy and come in  sizes ranging from a seven to as large as a thirteen. If you want these gladiator shoes then be prepared to drop $1,125 dollars.

Photo from versace.com

Written by Sebastian Hensiek

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