The Most Expensive Fragrances From Penhaligon’s

Penhaligon perfume

Established in the late 1860’s, Penhaligon’s is one of England’s premier perfume houses. The company was founded by William Henry Penhaligon who was a barber that eventually became the Court Barber and Perfumer for Queen Victoria. Naturally, because of that fact, the company became very successful. Today the company sells perfume, grooming products, bath/ body supplies, and accessories in many boutiques located all across the world. Since Penhaligon’s is known for their perfume, we are going to look at their most expensive fragrances.

5. Varra – $160

The first four fragrances on our list all cost $160 dollars and are available in 100ml bottles, so they are in no particular order. Varra is one of their more premium fragrances and has many different scents. It has head notes of quince, rosewater, carrot seeds, coriander seeds, and saffron. Heart notes of Moroccan rose absolute, Bulgarian rose oil, Freesia, Indian magnolia, peony, and iris. The base notes are honey, white musk, cedar wood, sandalwood, benzoin resin, and tonka bean.

4. Iris Prima – $160

Iris Prima is next and it has head notes of Bergamot, green amber, and pink pepper. The heart notes are iris absolute, jasmine sambac, hedione, and paradisone. Finally the base notes of this fragrance are leather, vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver, and benzoin.

3. Levantium – $160

Levantium is another complex flavor from Penhaligon’s. This flavor is comprised of bergamot, davana, saffron, and absinthe for the head notes. The heart and base notes are made from rose, jasmine, violet, clove, cardamon, ylang ylang, peach, amber, myrrh, guaiac wood, sandalwood, cedar wood, oud, patchouli, musk, maltol, and vanilla.

2. Empressa –  $160

Empressa is yet another interesting fragrances. The head notes are blood orange, bergamot, and mandarin. The heart notes are comprised of peach, cassis, dewberry, rose, neroli, geranium, cardamom, pink pepper, and black pepper. Finally the base notes are vanilla pod, cocoa, frankincense, amber, musk, woods, patchouli, and sandalwood.

1. Tralala – $200

Finally the most expensive fragrance that Pengaligon’s sells is Tralala, which is also their newest fragrance. The head notes are made from aldehydes, saffron, whiskey, ambrette seed butter, galbanum, and violet leaf absolute. The heart notes are carnation, leather, tuberose, ylang ylang, orris, and incense. Finally the base notes are myrrh resinoid, opoponax absolute, patchouli, vetiver, cedar wood, heliotrope, and musk vanilla.

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