Craigslist San Diego Sells Expensive Antique Furniture

Craigslist San Diego Antique Furniture

I’ve written a few times about how the consumer-to-consumer website Craigslist can actually be pretty helpful in helping save some serious cash for those who are are trying to cut back on spending so much—especially when looking for a few things that can help fill out their households. And one thing that always comes in handy for a house or apartment is some furniture, being the critical piece in really giving a place that “home-like” feel, not to mention being crucial for having anyone actually come over and hang out there. While I’m not big on spending a lot of money on things like lamps, tables and, yes, even sofas to fill out my apartment, there are a few of you out there who definitely are.

Instead of testing the retail circuits and going from store to store, though, why not get on Craigslist to see what types of furniture is priced for the ultra luxurious? That’s why I searched the San Diego Craigslist to do just that, giving you the most expensive furniture that I could find listed, so get your credit cards ready and buy away!

10. Theodore Alexander: High Buffet Unit – $4,998


Although it’s priced at over $10,000 new, the seller has cut the price in half due to this beautiful buffet piece previously being used. Stretching over seven-feet across and standing three-feet tall, it’s a great space-eater that would accent any dining table perfectly. Made with mahogany and brass complements on the doors and drawers, it can be yours for just under $5,000.

9. Two Olivier Chair – $6,400


It’s about as modern as you can get, so if that’s the look you’re looking to do to your apartment, why not take a look at these Olivier chairs that actually come in a set? Made with white leather, the owner claims that they have yet to be used, so they can be perfect to mold perfectly to your body. Sloped and arched down nicely, they would be a perfect complement for those who want to just put their feet up and relax after a hard day’s work—or when just having company over and drinking some wine.

8. Vinotemp Wine Cellar – $6,400


Are you a wine connoisseur who has hundreds of bottles that you don’t know what to do with? This Vinotemp wine cellar might just be the best option to organize and store your prized possessions. With two, oval beveled glass doors and a dark red mahogany wood, the piece holds about 400 bottles for the wine-lover who needs it all. In addition to that, it is quite the sight to look at, proving to anyone who visits your house that you take your vino seriously. At $6,400, it can hold a couple of your most expensive bottles so not to accidentally drink if they were just laying around otherwise.

7. Victorian Bronze Floral Center Piece – $6,500


As someone who lives by himself and doesn’t pay much attention to accessories for my tables and such, I had no idea some of the options out there could be so expensive. Alas, someone in the San Diego area is selling one that is $6,500, proving that accents for tables that hold flowers and such can be pretty pricey. But after reading the description on this one, it appears to be worth it. SOlid bronze and hand-carved with four doves on it, it was actually originally appraised at $12,500, so paying $6,500 for it is actually a heck of a lot better for whoever decides to purchase it.

6. Dining Room Table Set – $7,000


Of all the dining room sets that showed up in my search results, I must admit that this one is without a doubt the nicest I saw. Enough room for 10 people to sit around and talk about the good times, it’s hand-crafted with elegant designs and solid wood, with a few carvings on the side as a nice accent. The leather chairs complement the table quite nicely, if I must say, and the color is rich and comfortable. It includes a side dresser for $7,000, so might be a great buy for those looking to impress guests next time they have a dinner party.

5. French Provincial Dining Table for 10 – $7,500


For those who are looking for the perfect dining room table to host big family dinners on—or just because you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year—you can’t go wrong with this French Provincial Dining Table, which seats 10 and appears to be in excellent condition. Included in the the $7,500 price are the cane chairs, buffet and console table. That’s a heck of a lot of furniture at a pretty decent price, so if you’re looking to take care of one room in your house, it can be all yours.

4. Nine-Foot Bronze Wall Water Fountain – $7,500


As someone who is Italian, this piece actually reminds me of something that one of my family members would own. A beautiful, customized piece that is cast iron and chiseled into the design of a fish over a bowl, the wall fountain was made in Italy and imported to the States some time ago—well, by the looks of it, at least. Claiming to cost anywhere around $30,000 if new, it’s priced nicely at just $7,500 for the lucky shopper who really wants to have it all.

3. Ultra Luxury 12×10 Area Wool Rug – $7,500


For those who want the same rugs that are placed on the floors of ultra trendy penthouse suites in New York, Los Angeles and other places around the world, now’s the chance to score your own. Claiming to be the size of an entire living room, the rug is made of the finest material and typically sell for about $2,100 per square feet. Rather than pay full price, though, it can be yours at the somewhat decent price of $7,500. I don’t care how plush and fine it is, that’s pretty pricey for a rug that will just get stepped on.

2. Custom Wool and Down Sectional Sofa – $8,800


While a near-$9,000 sectional couch might sound outrageous to many people—myself included—after reading the description on this wool and down sectional sofa, it seems that the customization of the thing makes it more than just your average couch. With wool seats and duck down back cushions, I have no doubt that it would be a perfect piece to not only help fill out any living room, but also fall asleep on while watching any of your favorite movies or TV shows.

1. Antique 8-Piece Bedroom Set – $9,000


For those who are either collectors of fine things or are just looking for some fine, authentic furniture, take a look at this incredible, 8-piece bedroom set that can be yours for $9,000. While that may seem pretty steep for stuff that may or may not fall apart the minute someone uses it because it’s from over 60 years ago, the seller claims that the entire set was actually appraised at $14,000, so, really, you’ll be getting quite the deal if you decide that this is the stuff for you!

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Written by Nick Dimengo

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