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Attention all yachters with a helipad, a new airbus service is being launched. The company has formally introduced its new Airbus H175 VIP edition. While the company has operated the Airbus H175 for the past two years, the medium class version has mostly focused upon serving clients who were in need of the twin engine for offshore service. It wasn’t particularly the type of craft that would accommodate the parties aboard a yacht with the class and style with which they were accustomed to. The Airbus VIP H175 has changed all of this and it is making its debut with service for yachters in Europe. this craft is so impressive that we thought it merited a closer look and this is what you can expect.

Luxury interior design

The cabin has been made with ample spaciousness including a seven food width and thirteen foot length. It also features a climate control system to keep the interior just the right temperature whether the rotor is engaged or not. There are four large club seats for guests aboard and a rear couch that features white leather and plenty of space for a full stretch and maximum relaxation.

The overall theme of the cabin was presented by Pegasus Design. Worthy of noting are the doors which have foregone the traditional sliding panels and instead replaced them with hinged doors. This maximizes the available space inside. Additional amenities include electronic windows which may be dimmed with an interior lighting system that allows you to set the mood for the passengers. Boarding the helicopter has been made easier with the use of a three step system that features electric operation. In order to make the experience more enjoyable, a decent soundproofing system has been installed to keep out engine noise.

Airbus H175 Helicopter 2

Amazing views

While traveling in the elegant luxury that the Airbus H175 VIP edition provides, engineers have equipped the Airbus with extra large windows and plenty of them. This allows for guests to enjoy a full panoramic view of the sights as they fly towards their destination points.


The pilot has the capacity for single pilot operation unless inclement weather is present. The avionics system has been designed by Helionix and is inclusive of a specialized feature that allows the craft to hover on automatic when desired. The maximum speed of the H175 VIP is one hundred and eighty four miles per hour. It has a maximum range of more than six hundred and ninety miles when traveling at this speed. This luxury model of the Airbus has been fully optimized for speed, luxury and efficiency and is by far the most elegant and luxuriously comfortable of the fleet.

The fuel system is located under the floor and it has been designed to maximize the efficiency for longer distance range of flight on a single fill up. The total capacity of the fuel tanks come to six hundred and ninety one gallons.

The rotor is a Spheriflex featuring five blades and for the VIP edition, it was chosen because of its low vibration to ensure that VIP guests aboard have the smoothest and most comfortable flight experience possible. The absence of rotor noise is a definite plus when it comes to the optimization of guest comfort.

The VIP H175 is constructed of aluminum alloy for the airframe. This makes the craft dependable and enhances the ease of maintenance. Top quality has gone into the design and materials as well as the craftsmanship of this private VIP helicopter. It is truly a fine example of luxury in the air. As impressive as a private jet with the optimal use of space, it has addressed the need for a more comfortable and enjoyable flight experience from the helipads of luxury yachts and back again.

Airbus H175 Helicopter 3


The luxuriously elegant cabin can carry up to seven passengers comfortably. While on board guests will have access to state of the art entertainment that features in flight views of the scenery which is shown by cameras mounted in select locations for additional passenger enjoyment. There are several LCD screens available for entertainment use. Not only will passengers have a more quiet and comfortable flight, they will also have all of the onboard amenities necessary to make their trips from one destination to another more enjoyable. The new and revamped accommodations are a welcome addition to the Airbus and they are certain to be a hit with those who prefer a more comfortable ride.

Who would use this service?

The VIP edition of the H175 Airbus was created to fill a gap that had not yet been covered by the manufacturers. While the service itself has been available with a medium rating of comfort for those requiring offshore air transportation, there was not a luxury edition available to serve those who belong to the elite yachting community. Formerly, passengers were forced to put up with some inconvenience including a more difficult time in boarding the flight, less elegant seating accommodations and the absence of the amazing sound proofing that is now a major feature of the flight. The new model is designed to appeal to this group and others because of its enhanced comfort and elegance, but this is not the only group that will have access to its charter. The H175 Airbus VIP will be made available to anyone within the areas in Europe that are served who is interested in luxury service.

Airbus H175 Helicopter 4

Final thoughts

Some will say that it is about time that a luxury helitransport service was developed. Yachters and their guests who have grown accustomed to the use of medium level comfort in the old Airbus H175 models are in for a very special treat. The descriptions provided for the VIP are a world apart from the former Airbus that offered great service along with dependable transportation, but without all of the bells and whistles. The new additions to this luxury bird are certain to be met with appreciation for the upgrades in elegant features and conveniences. This will make the service of the company even more appealing than ever.

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