Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion Concept Unveiled

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The other day it people were excited to see the reveal of the very highly anticipated Mercedes 015 Luxury In Motion Concept Car that was debuting at CES 2015. Now that the electronics show is well into its final day, the car company has officially announced and displayed their concept for everyone to see, and it’s extremely interesting, to say the least. The new 015 Luxury is an amazing idea that could really alter the automobile industry and launch it into all new depths by utilizing technology.

The new concept car from Mercedes is a prototype and might not ever be made, but it displays the plan that Mercedes is aiming for in the future. The 015 luxury is a driverless car that aims to make the car a comfortable mobile living space for its passengers who will relax and lounge out in the car rather than drive it. Mercedes sees the car as being a place that offers private space and a better experience while traveling with its four seats that face each other rather than being positioned in rows. The interior places a focus on communication and allowing people to spend time with one another while driving. The seats can be positioned normally, facing forward, if only two people will be riding, but the car easily adapts to the lounge style space without any manual aid needed.

The prototype that Mercedes had displayed at the CES convention went for a test run around Las Vegas on Monday with a passenger there to experience the car. Everything went successfully for Mercedes and they were able to present the show and set on Tuesday with the 015 gaining a lot of interest. Automotive technology is growing faster and faster, so it’s no surprise to see that Mercedes went above and beyond what everyone else was doing. The new 015 Luxury concept is fantastic and something that will hopefully become a reality in the future.

Photo by Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images

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Written by Blaise Hopkins

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