What It’s Like To Be Shot At With an AK-47 in a Mercedes-Benz!

AK-47 Mercedes Benz

Not that it’s the first thing on your mind each and every day you wake up but just in case you’re wondering what it’s like to be shot at with an AK-47 while sitting inside a Mercedes, there is in fact a video for that.  Texas Armoring corporation decided to get a sale pitch to one of the top car sites on the internet and they did it in a way that’s a little off the beaten path.  Instead of a slideshow, or maybe a powerpoint presentation, they decided to give a demo of exactly what it’s like to get shot at behind bullet proof glass.

Watch as the president and CEO of TAC sits behind the wheel of a Mercedes Benz equipped with one of their armored passenger vehicle package.  The boss man doesn’t even flinch an inch when several rounds are fired off at him out of the barrel of an AK-47.  Talk about taking product testing to new levels right?  Who wants to get shot at next??!!?!

Written by Worthly


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