The 15 Most Expensive SUVs of All-Time


The sports utility vehicle grew to prominence in the late 1990s and early 2000s because of it’s unique offering to consumers. In general, outside of the extra space an SUV offers, the vehicles are often equipped with me four-wheel drive, on-and-off road ability, towing capacity and more. While all that is well and good, most consumers buy the SUV to be up on the road, they believe it offers greater safety, or they flat out just like the look of the cars. Either way, the SUV market is strong even with the fluctuation in gas prices.

The great thing about the SUV market is that it’s pretty versatile. Sure you have your hybrids and crossovers, but in general you have a pretty diverse market that appeals to various income levels. As you can tell from the title of this post, we’re going straight to the big bucks. The SUVs that people have paid a pretty penny for not just your basic $35,000 standard. These aren’t Bentley (by the way Bentley is coming out with an SUV), Rolls-Royce, Ferrari or some other uber-expensive care manufacturer… but you’d never know it from the price tag.

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15. 2015 Cadillac Escalade – $83,070

The Cadillac Escalade has really taken over the luxury SUV market. Most Escalades are priced at the upper threshold of what most want to spend on an SUV, but are an affordable luxury for those one-percenters. If you want luxury and you can’t drop $150k you’re driving an Escalade. The standard Escalade comes with a 6.2L V-8 403 hp engine, 6-speed automatic transmission, 4-wheel anti-lock breaks, integrated navigation system, side-seat mounted airbags, 22″ aluminum wheels and ABS driveline and traction control. Not to mention they just look brilliant to start and if you’d like to throw on some more bells and whistles they’re available, but it’s going to cost you.

Image via Cadillac


14. 2015 Cadillac Escalade ESV – $85,795

Typically, we’d be reluctant to put two Escalades back-to-back, but the ESV version (especially the souped-up version) offers a next-level experience. Let’s start with what’s under the hood – an EcoTec3 6.2L V-8 420hp engine, which as you can see is an upgrade from the previous version. The rest of the standard features are somewhat similar to the standard Escalade, but look at that space and comfort. You really can’t beat that? Add all the bells and whistles and you’ll be priced out even higher. Dare go there?

Image via Cadillac


13. 2013 BMW X5 M – $88,850

BMW entered the SUV market successfully several years ago with their X5 model. The X5 doesn’t have the ferocious look of the other SUVs on this list, but don’t sleep on the German automaker’s ability to craft masterpieces. The X5 features a 4.4L V-8 555 hp twin-turbo engine that one could argue is as good as any on this entire list. The standard model of the X5 comes with everything you need including 4-wheel anti-lock breaks, integrated navigation system, 20″ aluminum wheels, ABS driveline and traction control and more. Just like every other vehicle you can soup this BMW up into the high-six figures if you wish…

Image via BMW

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12. Maserati Kubang – $90,000

The Maserati Kubang is the mysterious vehicle on the list. Mysterious meaning this was a concept car in 2003 that never took off. Years passed and Maserati finally put some resources behind this SUV – and we say SUV pretty cautiously because it’s more of a crossover than anything else. What also makes it interesting is that it’s built on a Jeep platform, alongside Jeep vehicles in Detroit Michigan. The target here is to sell cars in Russia, China, and South America because Maserati’s current luxury vehicles aren’t cut out for those rugged roads. It’s hard to imagine a Maserati behind 12th on a list of anything, but it is rightfully so here. The engine and vehicle details, which we will conveniently leave out, don’t inspire much awe.

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11. 2014 Land Rover Range Rover Sport – $92,400

Enter British car manufacturer Land Rover! The Range Rover Sport should clue you into the fact that we haven’t seen the last of Land Rover on this list. Sport can loosely be interpreted as mid-size and in a lot of ways it reflects that except in price. You’ll find a 5.0L V-8 550 hp engine in this guy with all the standard packaging you see in the other SUVs we’ve already listed. What they don’t have is Land Rover’s distinct design, which I believe is as nice of a design for an SUV as you’ll find anywhere. Period.

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10. 2014 BMW X6 M – $93,900

The BMW X6 is the SAC (Sports Activity Coupe) version of the BMW X5. The German automaker released this model in 2009 and it was an immediate success. The X6 has the attributes of an SUV (high ground clearance, all-wheel drive and all-weather ability, and large wheels and tires) with the feel of a luxury coupe (bold styling and dramatic sloping roof). The X6 takes it’s sleeker design with all the attributes of the larger X5. It’s a thing of beauty.

Image via BMW


9. 2015 Mercedes-Benz M-Class – $97,250

Enter Mercedes-Benz with it’s M-Class model. Believe it or not the M-Class has been around for close to 20 years (doesn’t feel like it does it?). Like a fine wine, it’s gotten better (and more expensive) with age. This model slots in between Benz’s GLK-Class and GL-Class. It’s got some pop too as it has the AMG 5.5L V-8 518hp twin engine. The interior is nothing short of a masterpiece as well. You really can’t go wrong with the classic Benz designing.

Image via Mercedes-Benz


8. 2015 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class – $118,160

As we mentioned in the previous slide, the full-size SUV by Mercedes-Benz is the GL Class. Just like BMW, we’re taking the M-Class up a notch by amping up the engine a bit, having 3 rows and accommodations for 7 passengers, and including all the basic necessities for a successful SUV. There’s no doubt that the GL-Class is the flagship SUV model for the German automaker. If you’ve ever had experience with the GL-Class it’s pretty shocking how much room the car actually has – which you can’t really tell from the outside.

Image via Mercedes-Benz


7. 2015 Mercedes-Benz G-Class – $135,700

We mine as well finish the run of Mercedes-Benz SUVs. The third consecutive vehicle is the Mercedes-Benz G-Class otherwise known as the G-Wagon. There’s no missing this model and its boxy styling. Most of you recognize this vehicle as the one you’ll find the Kardashians driving around Los Angeles in, but believe it or not this model has a long history. In fact, it was developed as a military vehicle over 35 years ago, but has since become an extraordinarily popular SUV for the rich. It’s a rather polarizing SUV – some people love it others don’t find it appealing at all.

Image via Mercedes-Benz

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6. 2014 Porsche Cayenne – $146,000

Our personal favorite is the Porsche Cayenne. This 520 horsepower beast handles the road with the elegance on a luxury sedan. If you want to hook up your Cayenne with all the amenities like colored Porsche wheels, off-road tech package, and 20-inch wheels and tires you’ll be looking at a price tag of about $160,000. The Cayenne puts the standard sports car to shame going an astonishing 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds. That’s pretty darn impressive for an SUV. The Cayenne also features some pretty innovative technology as well a 2.4 inch suspension articulation just in case you’re driving home from work and there are some boulders on the road.

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5. 2014 Land Rover Range Rover – $184,105

Launched in the 1970s the Range Rover is one of the oldest, and most well-known luxury SUVs on the market. Now in its fourth generation of model, the Range Rover has seen a steady increase in sales over the past five year globally despite its intimidating price tag. The gap between the Sport and full-size model is greater than that of BMW and Mercedes. Land Rover has solidified itself as a go-to luxury SUV and they’re confident enough in their position to experiment a bit with the model – like their pending convertible concept with four seats and drop-down tailgate.

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4. Lamborghini Urus – $200,000

Eventually you knew this list was going to get to the names like Lamborghini and some funky models you’ve never seen before. Enter the Lamborghini Urus, which for many might be the first time you’ve seen or heard of this model. Not to worry, it’s unveiling was just a few short years ago at the Beijing Auto Show. The Urus is a lighter SUV, but much more powerful pushing close to 600 hp. The model is also very modern offering electric-motor and plug-in capability. The Urus has not yet hit mainstream markets, but was announced that it would go into full-fledged production in 2013. It’s still very much a concept car.

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3. Spyker D8 Peking-to-Paris – $300,000

Originally called the D12, the Spyker D8 Peking-to-Paris was introduced at the 2006 Geneva Auto Show. The Spyker is one elite luxury SUV with all-the-time four-wheel drive, four doors (suicide configuration), carbon ceramic-matrix breaks and all aluminum construction. Why was it originally going to be called the D12? It was first suppose to be outfitted with an Audi W12 engine, but ended up with an unknown American V8. One more fun fact – the Spyker gave it the name Peking-to-Paris because of the vehicle that finished second in the 1907 rally. Of course, now we know that Peking is really Beijing.

Image via Spyker


2. “Warrior One” Hummer H1 – $1.25 million

The auction market for SUVs isn’t quite like the other vehicle markets. However, if we’re going to discuss the Most Expensive SUVs of All-Time we need to throw in at least one notable auction. Hummer H1 had it’s glory in the mid-2000s when it was one of the top SUVs on the market. This particular car was used by journalists covering the war in Iraq. It was auctioned off with the proceeds going to the Fisher House Foundation. David Liniger, the founder of Re/Max International, purchased the car for $1 million the highest price take for an SUV ever at auction. An additional $250,000 was kicked in by David Ressler to benefit the charity.

Image via Hummer


1. Dartz Prombron Red Diamond Edition – $1.5 million

Debuting in 2010, this SUV is more suited for a war zone than a night out on the town with friends. This bullet-proof SUV with an 8.1L engine is outfitted with ruby red matte paint and gold-plated bullet proof windows. Everything on this SUV is next-level. 22″ inch bulletproof wheels, tungsten exhaust and coating of kevlar on the outside, while everything on the inside is finished with white gold, rubies and diamonds. As you can imagine, the technology and audio systems in the vehicle are top-of-the-line as well. Fun fact – the interior is lined with whale penis leather! How about that for $1.5 million!

Image via Dartz

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