At $1 Million, The Mercedes G63 That Can Withstand Explosions


Mercedes is a car company that is always on top of their game. The company’s arsenal of sports cars, luxury sedans, and SUV models are some of the best in the entire industry. The company is consistently improving the physical look and build of their vehicles but also puts a major priority on how they can upgrade the interior aspects as well to make sure their customers are receiving the most recent and top quality available. Mercedes prides itself on offering people the best cars possible and has accomplished this throughout the years by staying on top of the market and being creative with their concepts.

Recently, the company has been blowing people away with their concept car idea called the Luxury In Motion, which looks into the future of automobiles and actually is a self driving car that offers passengers the ability to have a comfortable open space to enjoy scenery or do something else while traveling to a destination. It’s ideas like this that elevate Mercedes above their competition and keep people extremely interested in the company altogether.

Their latest design shows just how tough their cars actually are and that they can be used for something more than comfortable cruising. This version of the Mercedes D63 has been outfitted by Inkas Armored which upgrades the car’s exterior to be able to withstand explosions and bullets. The upgrade costs $1 million and will probably rarely be necessary but anyone that happens to run over a landmine will be completely safe. The G63 is a beast of a car already and this upgrade also sees the interior changing to exotic leather, curved wood a fully functioning refrigerator, and even security cameras.

This upgraded G63 AMG goes above and beyond what any normal driver needs, but just shows how great the Mercedes vehicles already are and how much they can be beefed up as well.

Photo via Mercedes

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Written by Blaise Hopkins

Feel free to contact Blaise on Twitter @Blaisehopkins or check out his blog Man and His Movies.