The $1.5 Million DeepFlight Dragon is a Personal Submarine Fit for James Bond

DeepFlight Dragon

Forget Jet Ski’s or high-end powerboats, one of the coolest water vessels that money can buy is definitely the DeepFlight Dragon. DeepFlight is an American company based out of San Francisco that specializes in small, underwater vessels. Their Dragon is one of their most popular personal submarines, and it’s cool enough that even James Bond would probably want one.

You’d imagine that a submarine would be difficult to operate, however that is not the case with the DeepFlight Dragon. The Dragon was specifically designed to be easy to operate, and DeepFlight exclaims that it’s the “easiest submarine to pilot”. Capable of fitting two people, the Dragon is operated via a simple lever and a joystick. The Dragon utilizes a system of propellers to hover around or dive underwater. There are four propellers pointed downwards with two more propellors on the tail that are used to turn and propel the submarine forwards.

The DeepFlight Dragon is capable of diving down to depths of 400-feet underwater, and it can stay submerged for around six hours in total. It’s also environmentally friendly as it is powered 100% by electricity. That electric motor also means that it is extremely quiet and it can reach speeds of 4 knots underwater. Since the Dragon is about 16-feet in length and weighs 4,000 pounds, you can store it on most yachts or toe it behind your truck, for example. Now at $1.5 million dollars, it’s definitely a rich persons toy, however it’s easily the coolest personally submarine that money can buy. (

DeepFlight Dragon side

DeepFlight Dragon rear

DeepFlight Dragon front

DeepFlight Dragon underwater

Photos from DeepFlight

Written by Sebastian Hensiek

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