The Swiss-designed WoKart Is the Ultimate Luxury Ocean Toy

The WoKart

Sometimes people with so much money literally have no idea to spend it, as they have acquired most of the things they’ve wanted (presumably). Well if you like water recreation vehicles that are a little different than your normal boat or jet ski, than the WoKart might be right up your alley. This Swedish company is creating a unique water recreation vehicle that will surely provide users with countless hours of enjoyment while making heads turn.

The WoKart is a Swedish watercraft that is aimed to be the worlds first water recreational vehicle that has a mid-mounted outboard 70 horse power engine. That engine powers the very light craft to be able to achieve speeds of 40 knots (46 miles per hour) on the water. WoKart exclaims on their website that this is the first patented vehicle of its kind.

Dr. Theo Christen wanted to design a water vehicle that behaved less like a boat or a jet ski, and more like a car or go-cart. Unlike various speed boats, the WoKart is operated much like a car with a steering wheel and floor mounted pedals. The WoKart is a catamaran styled vehicle, allowing it to cut through the water more efficiently. The racing seat that is adjustable and the carbon fiber dashboard really make the vehicle feel like a sports car for the water. Since you sit in the vehicle, unlike jet skis where you sit on top and hold on, one is less likely to fall off the WoKart at higher speeds.

Currently the WoKart only has one seat, however the company says that they are currently designing a two seater vehicle so you can take a friend with you out on the water. The WoKart is still in the final stages of production and the company assures potential customers that it will be available soon. For more info head over to or watch the video featured below that shows the WoKart in action.

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Written by Sebastian Hensiek

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