Introducing The DeepFlight Dragon Submersible by Graham Hawkes


The DeepFlight Dragon Submersible is a winged submersible boat that can travel underwater. The DeepFlight Dragon is made by designer Graham Hawkes, who was also the mastermind behind other submersibles such as the Super Falcon. The DeepFlight Dragon machine is extremely buoyant and will float to the water’s surface, sitting there unless the thrusters are engaged. The vehicle has a zero-emission electric motor that allows it to dive to a depth of 400 feet.

This vehicle uses only four verticle thrusters located on the corners of the Dragon. Other systems tend to use a drop-weight design but the thrusters allow for stabilization and the ability to hover in place. The DeepFlight Dragon is 16.4 feet long, 3.6 feet tall, 6.2 feet wide, and weighs under 4,000 pounds; it has no problem fitting in the same garage spaces as megayachts. It is considerably light weight compared to other vehicles and allows for the Dragon to launch and return very easily. The vehicle also has an inflatable launch platform that makes it very simple for passengers to board and leave the Dragon.

The DeepFlight Dragon has a dive manager system that monitors the submarine’s gauges and functions to make sure the vehicle is constantly running at optimal speeds with no problems. The machine can control itself better than a person can, which allows passengers to sit back and take in the entire experience of going for an underwater adventure. There are two bubble canopy seats that provide a great view.

The DeepFlight Dragon is an amazing concept that can be used for so much. It would allow people to go on short excursions to explore ancient shipwrecks and other places under the sea. It has a solid amount of space for passengers and simplifies the entire journey with an autopilot function. The new DeepFlight Dragon from Graham Hawkes is an amazing submersible that is continuing to take us further under the ocean.

Photos via DeepFlight

Written by Blaise Hopkins

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