$8.5 Million Astolat Dollhouse Castle To Be Publicly Displayed for the First Time

The Astolat Dollhouse Castle - couch

Every year tourists and locals in New York City get a special treat during holiday season.  In addition to the mounds of snow they get dumped on them there are some perks too to the winter.  Especially in NYC where they can view some amazing attractions like the tree at Rockefeller center, the amazing skyline from the Empire State Building and one of the most classic traditions, window viewing at Columbus Circle.

This year people are in for a treat.   For the first time ever, the $8.5 million Astolat Dollhouse Castle will be on public display this holiday season at The Shops of Columbus Circle at Time Warner Center in Manhattan.  On November 12, the unveiling of the “dollhouse” will coincide with Time Warner Center’s lighting of its “Holiday Under the Stars” at 5 p.m., the largest specialty crafted exhibit of illuminated color mixing in the world featuring twelve 14-foot stars that hang from the ceiling of the 150-foot Great Room overlooking iconic Central Park.

Here’s the complete release

Under the massive stars and through tiny doors is the world-famous Astolat Dollhouse Castle. It is nine feet tall, weighs 800 pounds and features 29 rooms filled with 10,000 miniature pieces, including elaborate furniture, oil paintings, mirrors, fireplaces, gold miniature jewelry, rare-mini books more than 100 years old, fine rugs, fabrics, and pieces made of and silver and gold. It has seven levels, stairways, hallways, a basement, a wine cellar, a kitchen and an armory. There are formal rooms, a library, a music room, a grand ballroom and a bar, and that’s before you get to the Wizard’s tower on the top level.

The Astolat Dollhouse Castle will be on display daily on the second floor Mezzanine through December 8 during retail store hours (check www.theshopsatcolumbuscircle.com for details). Admission to both the Astolat Dollhouse Castle and star viewing is free, courtesy of The Shops at Columbus Circle. Voluntary donations to benefit multiple children’s charities will be accepted on the Castle website, www.dollhousecastle.com, as that is the real world mission of the dollhouse.

Renowned miniature artist Elaine Diehl designed and built the Castle over a 13-year period. Her inspiration was Elaine of Astolat, the heroine of the Victorian ballad, The Lady of Shalott by Alfred Lord Tennyson. Diehl commissioned fine craftsmen, carpenters, goldsmiths, glass blowers, and silversmiths from around the world to furnish the incredible structure. Thousands of additional hand-crafted pieces have been added over the last 20 years and include seven periods and styles including Spanish, Oriental, Tudor, 18th-century English, and Victorian.  Original works of art include Eric Pearson, George Becker, Warren Dick, Laurel Coulon, Mary McGrath, and others. Photos and video at www.dollhousecastle.com.

The Astolat Dollhouse Castle

The Astolat Dollhouse Castle - bedroom

The Astolat Dollhouse Castle is furnished with over 10,000 handmade miniatures.  Thousands of additional hand-crafted pieces have been added to the Astolat Dollhouse Castle over the last 20 years and include seven periods and styles including Spanish, Oriental, Tudor, 18th-century English, and Victorian.

So get ready for an amazing view folks!  The question is, will anyone buy this amazing work?  Wait a second.  It’s not even for sale!


Written by Worthly