10 Luxury Golf Carts That Will Blow Your Mind

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Everyone that’s played a round of golf knows just how important the golf cart actually is. It can be extremely tiring lugging your clubs and walking the length of a golf course, which is why the golf cart is so invaluable. Now golf carts typically aren’t very exiting, and most of them, are pretty much identical. However if you are extremely wealthy, there are many companies out there that produce custom made and “luxury” golf carts. These carts offer more features, often look like normal cars, and can cost as much as regular cars. Here are 10 luxury golf carts that will blow your mind.

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Royal Limo Golf Cart

10. The Royal Limo 

The Royal Limo is a high-end golf cart distributed by Luxurycarts.com that is stylized like a Rolls-Royce. The vehicle offers a host of luxury features like leather seats, real polished rims, an Alpine radio/CD player, and more. Unlike many other golf carts, the Royal Limo can easily accommodate six passengers in total. It’s a limited edition model from the company and it will run you $25,449 dollars for a new one.

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Cadillac Escalade golf cart

9. The Cadillac Escalade golf cart

The company known as Cool Carts of Texas makes and sells a range of luxury golf carts, including the Cadillac Escalade golf cart. For $13,500 dollars, you’re getting a premium golf cart styled exactly like the popular SUV. It has 16-inch chrome wheels, LED headlights, an aluminum chassis, a four-wheel braking system, and more. Additionally Cool Carts of Texas also offers a host of extra options that include leather seats, a Sony sound system, an extended range battery, and more.

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The Brooklyn golf cart

8. The Brooklyn

Pennwick is another custom golf cart manufacturer, and one of their standout carts is the Brooklyn. Designed after a Bentley, the Brooklyn is another extremely large golf cart that can fit six people in total. It starts at $16,500 dollars and it features a fiberglass body, an electric powertrain, 12-inch rims, side mirror, and it can reach speeds of 20 mph.

Photo from Pennwick  

2016 Ford Mustang golf cart

7. The 2016 Ford Mustang cart

Fans of American muscle cars will probably like the 2016 custom Ford Mustang golf cart from Caddyshack Golf Carts. Available in either gas or electric models, the 2016 Ford Mustang is a fairly small golf cart, compared to the others on our list, however it will certainly turn heads. It can reach speeds of 19.5 mph and Caddyshack Golf Carts also offer a range of added options like a carbon fiber dashboard, a roof fan, a surround sound system, and more. You have to inquire about the price, but I’d imagine it costs as much as the others on our list .

Photo from Caddyshack1.com 

x4 Hybrid Golf cart

6. The X4 Hybrid

The X4 Hybrid is a custom golf cart sold by American Custom Carts. The vehicle is stylized like a Hummer H2, and as the name implies, it is actually a hybrid golf cart that has both an electric and gasoline engine. It can drive some 200 miles on both engines and the entire cart is assembled in the United States. It’s priced at $17,900 dollars, and it features four seats, side mirrors, a stereo system, a carbon fiber dash, turn signals, a chrome grill, and even a 12V outlet where you can charge your electronic devices.

Photo from lacustomcarts.com

California Roadster Limo Golf Cart

5. The California Roadster Limo

The California Roadster Limo is another custom luxury golf cart from Cool Carts of Texas. This is the larger, convertible version that they sell and it is priced at $13,595 dollars. The vehicle is powered by electricity and it can drive 45 to 50 miles on a single charge, however they sell an upgraded battery pack allowing you to travel 70 miles. It has an all aluminum chassis, killer looks, hydraulic disk brakes, and it can hold four people. Like their Cadillac Escalade, Cool Carts of Texas also has a range of added options for the Roadster.

Photo from coolcartsoftexas.com

The Shadow Golf Cart

4. The Shadow

The Shadow is a Rolls-Royce inspired golf cart that’s sold from Pennwick. Like the Brooklyn, the Shadow is built on a ClubCar chassis and has pretty much all of the same features. It has 12-inch rims, it seats 4, it has real headlights/turn signals, and it can hit speeds of 20 mph. It’s priced at $16,500 dollars and Pennwick also offers many optional upgrades like larger rims, a hard top, and even a real wood dashboard.

Photo from Pennwick.com

Ford F-150 SVT Raptor golf cart

3. The Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

Establish dominance on the golf course with the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor golf cart sold by Caddyshack Golf Carts. This is one of the largest custom golf carts that they sell, as it is 13.2-feet in length and over 6.5-feet tall (including the roof). It’s an officially licensed product, so you’ll find the SVT Raptor branding throughout the vehicle. You’ll have to inquire to get a price for a new one, however I’d imagine this would be one of their more expensive golf carts.

Photo from caddyshack1.com 

F5 Golf Cart

2. The F5 

Based on a Ferrari, the F5 from Pennwick is their most expensive luxury golf cart at $20,500 dollars. Like a real Ferrari, the F5 is fairly small and it can only accommodate just two people in total. Besides it’s attractive design, the F5 features pretty much all of the same specifications seen on all of Pennwick’s fleet, as they all start with a ClubCar chassis. But if you want one of the sportiest golf carts around, look no further.

Photo from Pennwick.com 

Garia Via

1. The Garia Via 

Unlike the other golf carts on our list that are stylized after real cars, the Garia Via is constructed from the ground up. Rather than being a “novelty” luxury golf cart, the Garia Via (or really any of their carts) are for the golf aficionado. The Garia Via is constructed like a car, it has premium leather seats, 10-inch aluminum wheels, glove boxes, an ice box, a touchscreen dashboard, working head and tail lights, a heated windshield, and more. Garia also offers some ridiculous options like a Bluetooth multimedia system or a real, on-board refrigerator. But here’s the best thing: the Garia Via is completely street legal. You can drive it on any road, but it only goes up to speeds of 25 mph. However it’s still a great feature that most golf carts lack. It’s available in two or four seat configurations, and they’re easily the nicest luxury golf carts that you can buy.

Photo from Garia.com 

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