Ray-Ban Gives The Classic Clubmaster a Wooden Makeover

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Wood 2

Ray-Ban has proven time and time again that certain designs can withstand the test of time, as is evident with sunglasses like the Clubmaster. The browline style of glasses became popularized in the 1950’s and the 1960’s, and the Ray-Ban Clubmasters quickly became the most iconic ones. What makes these glasses special (aside from being premium) is that they can be worn in both formal and informal situations, like many of Ray-Ban’s current offerings. Well the company is refreshing their lineup for 2016, and they’ve given the classic Clubmasters a wooden makeover.

Brand new for 2016, the Ray-Ban Clubmaster Wood brings a unique material to this iconic look. Wooden sunglasses have become increasingly popular over the recent years, and this occasion marks the first time that Ray-Ban has made their Clubmasters with wood.

The Clubmaster Wood still offers the same classic silhouette coupled with real, authentic wood. These Clubmasters come in three different wood versions. There’s a walnut model, a maple version, and a model with cherry, all of which are very premium. The wooden frames are “treated and the lined for maximum comfort, ensuring the glasses are flexible and durable”, according to Ray-Ban. Additionally they will offer the glasses in both sun and optical versions.

The Ray-Ban Clubmaster Wood is currently available either online or at participating Ray-Ban retailers for $300 dollars. While that is somewhat more expensive that some of their other models, these wooden Clubmasters are sure to be some of the more popular sunglasses for 2016.

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Photos from Ray-Ban

Written by Sebastian Hensiek

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