Check Out These $50,000 Skis Made From 14K Gold and 8,000-Year-Old Wood

Foil Releases a Set of $50,000 Skis Made From 14K Gold and 8,000-Year-Old Wood

Are you an avid skier that’s seeking a pair of high-end skis made from luxury materials? Are you also extremely wealthy? Well if so, then take a look at the Oro-Nero skis from Foil. The company is known for their premium and luxury line of skis, and this is their newest creation. The set will run you $50,000 dollars in total and they are made with real 14-karat gold and 8,000-year-old wood. Let’s take a look at this insane creation.

Foil describes these skis as “High Performance Art” and we have to agree with them. From a purely aesthetic perspective, these skis do look quite impressive, the way the black and gold colors mix together. The inlays, bindings, and even the accompanying poles are made entirely from 14-karat gold. The top sheet of the skis are made from 8,000-year-old Bog Oak wood. Additionally the Oro-Nero skis feature quadriaxial carbon stripes, an ash/paulownia wood core, stainless steel edges, and a technical base made from graphite. Combine all those features together and you’ve got one of the most expensive pairs of skis in the world.

The skis exact measurements are customized for each potential buyer and you will have to make a special inquiry with Foil about acquiring a pair, as they don’t mass-produce skis made with gold and ancient wood. So is $50,000 dollars really worth it for these limited edition skis? You decide. For more visit their website:

Foil Oro-Nero 2 Foil Oro-Nero

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