The 20 Richest Fictional Movie Characters of All-Time


We all love movies, and in particular, we love to see those fantasy rich lifestyles portrayed in front of our very eyes. So we thought it would be fun to make a rich list of those fictional characters, some good, many really bad, who have appeared on our movie screens over the years.

Of course, unlike the people who research Forbes and New York Times lists, we can’t do much in the way of fact checking, but it’s likely that most of these characters won’t sue!


20. Catwoman

Catwoman is something of an enigma. At one time Batman’s nemesis, she has more recently been his love interest. And of course, she does have a source of her considerable income, mysterious though it is. She is an extremely able burglar, so could her fortune be ill gotten gains – or is she a sleeping partner in Batman’s business empire? Whatever the truth of the matter, Catwoman is said to be wroth in excess of a billion dollars. Meeeow!


19. Sir Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks

Like many of the super rich, “Daddy” Warbucks came from a poor and humble background, and made his money during the First World War. He became a three star general during the Second World War, and of course, was known for his benevolence in looking after Little Orphan Annie. His fortune appears to have fluctuated over the years, and rumors abound that he was forced to steal from Annie’s piggy bank. At present, his fortune is estimated at $27.3 billion.


18. Artemis Fowl

Coming from a dynasty of criminals, many of whom seem very accident prone, Artemis Fowl would not be most people’s idea of a good financial bet. However the boy genius was able to rescue his family fortunes by tracing down fairies on the internet, stealing their secrets and essentially blackmailing them. Artemis seems to be the only person who can save his family when they get themselves into the most drastic problems. With such a troubled background, it seems unlikely that /fowl will be able to hold on to his estimated fortune of $13.5 billion.


17. Tony Stark

Better known to many as superhero Ironman, the billionaire playboy made his wealth partly from inheritance, and partly through his superb inventive ability, in particular of course, the development of the Iron Man suit and other high tech defensive weapons. A founder member of the Avengers team of super heroes, his earth saving activities have to come second to building his fortune but, he is nonetheless said to be worth some $8.8 billion.


16. Ming The Merciless

Known as The Minger to his friends – not that he has all that many – the ruler of the Planet Mongo and sworn enemy of Flash Gordon is not short of a dollar or two to jingle in his pockets. With an entire planet to exploit, it’s natural that Ming should be wealthy, but of course, he does have a superb, if somewhat evil, intellect. He has a fantastic array of gadgets and equipment at his disposal, but he is said to be prepared to trade it all for the love of Gordon’s lovely assistant, Dale Arden. Although his wealth is measured in zillions of Mongos, at the current exchange rate that works out to $20.1 billion.


15. Flintheart Glomgold

The second richest duck in the world, the South African Glomgold is a distant relation of Scrooge McDuck, and the family rivalry between an open secret. His early hard life when he was a young duckling may have influenced his drive to succeed at all costs, with tragic effects on his ability to form relationships. Glomgold is considered to be something of a hard case, unscrupulous even, especially when he comes into conflict with McDuck. Considered to be something of a loner and now a recluse, he spends most of his time in the Limpopo Valley counting his wealth and allegedly plotting against McDuck. His worth is estimated at a massive $51.9 billion.


14. Richie Rich

Considered to be the richest child in the world, Richie Rich inherited his vast fortune from his parents. His age is unknown, although close friend reveal that he is probably eight years old. He seldom goes to school, but instead enjoys life in his superb mansion, where he has at least two of everything a boy might night. Known as the poor little rich boy,” perhaps surprisingly, Richie has a reputation for being kind and considerate. His hobby is traveling around the globe helping out those in need, usually accompanied by his maid and his butler, Cadbury. Net worth is estimated at $11.3 billion.


13. Lex Luthor

Philanthropist, billionaire, adored in his home city of Metropolis for his magnificent donations to worthy causes and city projects, Lex Luthor is a brilliant businessman who has made his money principally from his wide reaching corporation, LexCorp. His genius for science and invention has resulted in LexCorp’s being one of the premier research and development organizations in the world. His principal interests are defence, software and real estate. Rumored to be something of a megalomaniac, his well known hatred for Superman and other super heroes continues to mar his otherwise untarnished reputation, and perhaps to cloud his business judgement at times. None the less, he is said to be worth a cool $10.1 billion.


12. Charles Montgomery “Monty” Burns

The Springfield resident usually known as Mr Burns is a major player in the nuclear energy field. Known to be a difficult employer, and considered to be somewhat behind when it comes to technological advances, Mr Burns has none the less accumulated a substantial fortune, and has a reputation for toughness in business negotiation which stands him in good stead. His wealth appears to fluctuate from one month to the next, but is generally thought to be in the region of $1.2 billion.


11. Jabba the Hutt

The Tatooine based galactic crime lord and tycoon with a taste for gambling, pillage and torture has made a surprising move to the main stream. Said to be tired of being surrounded by gangsters, bounty hunters and other low lifes, Jabba has recently gone for a new Mr Clean Image. His launch of a range of weight watcher products “designed to bring out the best you in you” has been a galaxy wide success, with Darth Vader said to be interested in buying in to the franchise. Next up, a range of “Leia” beauty products are said to be in the early planning stages. Jabba the Hutt’s net worth is estimated at a cool $25 billion.

Gordon Gekko

10. Gordon Gekko

Corporate raider Gekko was famously the originator of the phrase “Greed is good”. He managed to ride out the storm of 2008 by divesting himself ahead of the herd, and retired to a Central American country to regroup and to relax with his family. Whilst there he seems to have experienced something of a personal epiphany, meeting and marrying Christian mission worker Dora Montgomery. Having continued with a productive although somewhat more conservative investment strategy, Gekko and his wife inn 2013 set up the “God is Good Foundation” (sometimes laughingly known in the family as the “Gord is Good Foundation”) which funds micro loans for disadvantaged groups around the globe. His net worth is currently believed to be in the region of $20 billion.

JD “Jed” Clampett

9. JD “Jed” Clampett

JD “Jed” Clampett’s rags to riches story is well known. An oil find on his small patch of land in Texas led to the founding of the Clampett millions, and an early move to Beverley Hills for the Clampett family. Clampett ventured into various investments, in particular a movie studio, and at one time it was considered that his daughter, Ellie May, might take up a career in acting.
Spending his time mostly out on the back porch polishing up his marksmanship on a row of tin cans, Jed Clampett and his feisty mother “Granny” as she likes to be known, are frequently seen at A list Hollywood events, and donate generously to charities for children. They are also well known patrons of the arts, and are considering endowing an advanced institute for taxidermy. Clampett’s fortune is estimated to be in the region of $9.8 billion.

Jay Gatsby

8. Jay Gatsby

Known to his friends as “The Great”, Jay Gatsby (born Gatz) was the son of poor German immigrants. He managed to struggle his way to college, but dropped out through a sense of inferiority. Taken up by Dan Cody, the copper tycoon, Jay Gatsby changed his name and accompanied his mentor on a ten year yacht voyage, during which time it is assumed that he acquired the business skill so much in evidence in later life.

Gatsby enlisted during World War One, and around this time fell in love with Daisy Fay, who came from a wealthy Louisiana family. Gatsby briefly attended Oxford University, and it was while in England that he learnt that Daisy had married milionaire Tom Buchanan. Gatsby has spent the rest of his life making money – rumor has it through bootlegging – and his home in West Egg is renowned for its lavish parties.At this time, there are rumors that Gatsby is in fact dead, the victim of star crossed love. His estate is said to be worth in excess of one billion dollars.


7. Smaug

Smaug the dragon is well known for his propensity to hoard, lay waste, invade, and generally do anything which is wicked and evil. This, as many modern entrepreneurs, have realized, is a sure route to untold riches. As he spends most of his time snoozing on top of his huge pile of gold, diamonds, rubies, emeralds and the like, his appearance when he finally gets round to do a bit of invading is pretty magnificent – gold and jewel encrusted to say the least. It’s hard to estimate Smaug’s net worth; those journalists who have visited the Withered Heath beyond the Gray Mountains requesting interviews generally haven’t been heard of again. $60 billion is the generally agreed figure, though as this is held in gold and jewels in the main, it is subject to extreme variations along with the commodity market.

Carlisle Cullen

6. Carlisle Cullen

Carlisle’s fortune is a tribute to compound interest. If you start investing in the sixteenth century, and keep your overheads relatively low, after four hundred years or so your fortune will be very substantial indeed – in this instance. Living a minimalist lifestyle is more expensive than it looks, but the Forbes estimate of $46 billion is quite breathtaking, considering the guy appears to do nothing whatsoever to earn any money at all.


5. Charles Foster Kane

“Citizen Kane” as he is often known was born very poor, but his family somehow managed to get their hands on a gold mine. However, he developed his real fortune from his media empire, in particular his newspapers, rather like William Randolph Hurst, with whom he is often compared. The extent of his fortune is thought to be around $12 billion.

Kane was so rich, that in the movie he states “You’re right, I did lose a million dollars last year. I expect to lose a million dollars this year. I expect to lose a million dollars next year. You know, Mr. Thatcher, at the rate of a million dollars a year, I’ll have to close this place in… 60 years.”


4. Bruce Wayne

It takes a lot of cash to be a superhero, and the superhero to end all superheros, Batman, is funded by his alter ego Bruce Wayne. Bruce is considered by those who don’t know him well as being very much the idiotic and indolent playboy, buying things which “are not available for sale”, indulging himself in collecting Lambhorginis. Wayne Enterprises is a family business, founded in the seventeenth century, and has a substantial number of subsidiary companies, with a finger in just about every industrial pie, from real estate to shipping, to airlines, to (naturally) weapons. He has a close knit team of associates and investors who must constantly on the alert for hostile takeovers. It takes a lot of cash to fund the Batcave and its accoutrements, and Wayne’s estimated fortune is considered to be in the $10 billion range.


3. Lara Croft

Comes from old money, the British aristocracy in fact. She is considered to be fairly modest in her spending. The lovely adventurer lives in Wimbledon – fairly classy, but not the most expensive place in London. The source of her wealth is simply inheritance – she is a trustafarian. Her net worth is considered to be in the low billions of pounds, but with her extravagant fighting skills, her capability of adding to her fortune cannot be doubted.

Scrooge McDuck

2. Scrooge McDuck

Donald Duck’s uncle on his mother’s side, and of Scottish ancestry, his age is uncertain, but he is thought to be around ninety years old. Generally considered to be the richest duck in the world, the fact that he is a Pekin duck gives a tantalising hint of possible Chinese connections, although of course in his youth, China was not the powerhouse economy which it is today.
The source of Scrooge McDuck’s wealth is mysterious, but it is considered to be derived from mining, and latterly, treasure hunting. A figure of $90 billion has been bandied about, and there is no way to confirm this. What is certain however, is that like his namesake, the duck is as mean as a bucket of ice on a winter’s night.
His likely heir is his nephew, Donald.

Santa Claus

1. Santa Claus

Though to be some sixteen hundred years old, the reclusive fat man has appeared in many movies over the years – in fact, he is thought to have garnered much of his not inconsiderable wealth from repeat fees. It’s impossible to estimate the wealth of this long term benefactor, who makes the likes of Bill Gates look like an amateur when it comes to giving. Although he restricts his generosity to just one night in the year, he does of course bring a gift for every child in the world. Santa’s Elves, mysterious figures said to be deeply involved in the Swiss banking industry, are almost certainly an important factor in the seemingly unlimited provision of funding for Santa’s charitable work.

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