The 15 Highest Net Worths of the Real Housewives

lisa vanderpump

Being a Real Housewife means taking on a pre-conceived reputation of being flighty, ditzy, married to a wealthy man and enjoying a love of drama. However, many of the women from this franchise are not that wealthy. The rest are, but they aren’t all wealthy because of their rich husbands. Some made it completely on their own, others have successful businesses that have allowed them to change their lives since becoming famous, and many are just good with their money. We’ve compiled a list of the wealthiest housewives in the franchise. While going through this list, you’ll note that some women inherited a fortune. Some had nothing and built their net worth from negative to beyond positive, and certain franchises are equipped with more successful women than others. You’ll even note that one of the oldest housewives franchises doesn’t have even a person on the list.

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ramona singer

Ramona Singer – $18 million

Everyone knows this real housewife has a thing for Pinot Grigio, but not her ex-husband. Ramona Singer loves her life in New York, and her life as a reality housewife. She has several of her own businesses that allow her to make a lot of money of her own. She has a line of pinot grigio named after herself. She also has a fashion line, and she makes a little more than half a million dollars per season on her hit reality show. She’s making her money without the help of her ex-husband. However, it’s been reported that he did pay her a large – but undisclosed – lump sum during their divorce, which does help to increase her net worth.

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lisa hochsteain

Lisa Hochstein – $20 million

She is from the franchise that didn’t work out. This Miami housewife had a story line that entailed her quest to get pregnant, her in-laws dislike of her and her husband’s demanding job as the ‘boob God’ of Miami. She was a model before she was Mrs. Dr. Hochstein, but now she’s a new mom and a housewife. Her entire net worth comes from her husband, though she did earn a few hundred thousand dollars of her own when she was a housewife. Her franchise did not last long, and that’s why she has not been on television much in the past few years.

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shannon beador

Shannon Beador – $20 million

This gorgeous Orange County housewife is one of the newer wives in the franchise. She and her husband own a very successful construction company in California that allows them to take in such a high income each year. They have had their share of ups and downs with his affair featured on television for the world to see, but they’ve managed to work out their differences and make sure that they are a stronger, more united team since they almost lost one another. Their net worth is one they’ve worked for a while to amass. Their business reportedly earns around $13 million per year.

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dorinda medley

Dorinda Medley – $20 million

Dorinda is a New York City housewife, but she is not one of the originals. She is a housewife with a long history, too. She once owned her own company in the United Kingdom. It was a cashmere company in which she created luxury sweaters and sold them in her shop. One of her most famous clients was Princess Diana before her untimely death, which should go to show just how successful her business really is. She was able to sell it and make a ton of money, but it was the death of her hedge fund advisor husband, Richard Medley, that left her with a substantial net worth once his estate was settled. She currently handles different charity events and she makes money filming RHONY.

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bethenny frankel

Bethenny Frankel – $25 million

When she was first starting out as a real housewife in New York City, she had nothing. She was in a small apartment working as a chef for her friends and for major restaurants. She decided to create a line of skinny cocktails, market them and she became a millionaire after she sold her business to the highest bidder. Now she is one of the richest housewives of all time. She went from being someone who was struggling to make ends meet as a reality star to someone who is now wealthier than most of her friends. Let us be the first to tell you that she has no problem with that, either.

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kyle richards

Kyle Richards – $30 million

She’s a former child star, and she’s a housewife in Beverly Hills. Kyle Richards earned millions of dollars as a child when she and her sister, Kim Richards, starred in movies and television shows. As an adult, she’s modeled, she’s done charity work and she’s opened up her own high-end boutique in which she sells luxury clothing and accessories. She’s doing very well with her business, and she’s earning money filming her reality show. However, much of her income is earned by her husband and his successful real estate company. They work together on many ventures, but she’s not doing much to earn money that equals what her husband is earning at the moment.

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heather dubrow

Heather Dubrow – $30 million

She’s a fan favorite from Orange County, and for good reason. She’s a former actress who married one of the most famous plastic surgeons on the West Coast. Unlike some people like to believe, however, they have a happy marriage with four kids and they really enjoy one another. She has a line of makeup and beauty products, a podcast, a reality show and many other ventures that earn her a significant amount of money. However, it is her husband and his reality shows and work as a renowned plastic surgeon that allows her family to claim much of their net worth.

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alexia eccevarria

Alexia Echevarria – $30 million

One of the first housewives from Miami, she is a businesswoman through and through. Her job is executive editor of Venue Magazine. She makes millions each year on her own, but it’s her husband that really makes the money in this family. They’ve been through a lot in the past few years after their son was involved in a terrible car accident in 2011 that left him unable to care for himself. She has spent years helping him recover, and she’s suing her insurance company for leaving her to foot the bill for his recovery as they did nothing to help pay their medical costs or anything associated with the cost of the accident.

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kandi burruss

Kandi Burruss – $35 million

She’s the wealthiest of the Atlanta housewives. She was a very successful music writer for many years, making her living writing songs for some of the most famous musicians of all time. She has several hit songs on the radio that are her own, and she has a very successful line of adult toys that makes her a lot of money. Additionally, she earns significantly from some of her other smaller business ventures. She also earns a half million per year as a real housewife, though her income here is paltry in comparison to her other income.

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cristy rice

Cristy Rice – $35 million

She’s a former housewife from Miami, and among the wealthiest in the housewives franchise. She was married to a former NBA star, and the bulk of her net worth comes from him and their divorce. However, she does have several small businesses of her own, including a boutique called the Bri Bri Boutique where she sells high-end fashion and accessories. She spends the vast majority of her time there, but she does love to spend the rest of her free time with her kids. She has three kids with her ex-husband.

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yolanda foster

Yolanda Foster – $45 million

Another of the Beverly Hills housewives, Yolanda Foster is a former supermodel who worked very hard to earn her money. She spent her entire teenage life and her adult life modeling as one of the most famous faces in the business, and then she married a millionaire real estate developer by the name of Mohammad Hadid. She divorced him in 2003 after the couple had three kids together. He was able to provide her with a substantial settlement. There is rumor she could receive even more and increase her net worth a bit once her divorce from music producer David Foster is finalized.

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carole radziwill

Carole Radziwill – $50 million

The New York City housewife gets to take the second spot to the top for being the wealthiest of the wealthiest. While she has always been a very career-driven woman, she does have a bit of help in earning such a substantial net worth. She spent a few years married to Anthony Radziwill, heir to the Polish throne, before he died of cancer many years ago. She inherited an undisclosed amount of money from his estate. The rest of her net worth comes from her time working in television as a producer and news correspondent, from the book she’s authored and from her time as a reality television star.

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adrienne maloof

Adrienne Maloof – $50 million

She hasn’t been a real housewife in a few years, but she is one of the original housewives from Beverly Hills. She has a substantial net worth she derived in large part from being a Maloof. This family owns casinos in Las Vegas, and even sports teams. She also owns a number of her own businesses that are each successful and growing every day. She is part owner, with her family, of both the Sacramento Kings and the Palms Resort Casino in Las Vegas. She works closely in her businesses and chooses not to sit on the sidelines and allow others to do it for her.

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lea black

Lea Black – $65 million

The housewives from Miami haven’t been on television in a while, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get to make the cut on this list. Lea Black is married to a very prominent attorney by the name of Roy Black, and that allows her to claim her fame as the wealthiest housewife alongside one other. She lists herself as a businesswoman and philanthropist online and in her personal description, but most everyone knows her money comes from her husband and that she just likes to put her name on charity events and other endeavors that she enjoys.

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lisa vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump – $65 million

The lovely housewife from Beverly Hills with her own reality show spinoff not only gets to top the list of most fashionable dog owners in the land, she’s also the wealthiest real housewife in the history of the franchise. She and her husband have been making money for decades with their numerous restaurants and bars. They began with a successful lot of them in England and France, sold those and moved to the United States where they could begin opening restaurants. Each of their business ventures is more successful than the last, allowing her to take the top spot as wealthiest real housewife.  

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