The 20 Most Expensive Star Wars Memorabilia Ever Auctioned

star wars memorabilia

Arguably the most iconic movie franchise of all time, the Star Wars saga has had no problem bringing in a dollar or two since its premier. While the movies retain the same value today as the day they came out, the props and equipment used within the movies only increase in value as time goes on. While the saga has recently continued as of Disney’s takeover of Lucas Arts, many characters we’ve come to love have been killed off throughout the course of the movies, leaving a lot of character-specific weaponry, spacecraft and costumes up for grabs.

They can all be had for the right price. For some people, the right price can be very, very high, as you’ll come to see as we go through this list. Would you pay $50,000 dollars for a cloak? What about over half a million for an old camera? Surprisingly, many people would. Without further ado, here are the 20 most expensive Star Wars items ever auctioned.