The $1 Million KABOO Dream Pass is Beyond VIP


What would you do with an extra cool million dollars, nine great friends and four free days to spend doing anything that you want? How does the KAABOO Dream Pass for 2017 sound? If you haven’t yet heard of it, we’ll fill you in. It’s four days of fun in the sun enjoying the sandy beaches at Del Mar, California for the most anticipated and exclusive music festival on the planet. Do you like being treated like a VIP? If so, then let’s take a closer look at the details for holders of the KAABOO Dream Pass.

The music

Kaboo is the first live music experience of its kind to be held in the United States. It is the premiere experience for music lovers who would enjoy a one of a kind holiday that features a total inundation in a cultural experience that you’ll never forget. You’ll have the opportunity to indulge yourself in contemporary art, live music, the creation of culinary masterpieces and the experience of lifestyle that will immerse you in luxury and sensory delight.

Is it really a million dollars?

That depends on how you slice it so to speak. The Kaboo Dream Pass for 2017 will cost a million dollars to obtain, but if you have nine friends who are game and have a few extra bucks to throw at the pass then it can be split ten ways for a mere $100,000 per person. Either way it’s the chance of a lifetime to experience four days that you will remember for the rest of your life. For this price tag you an take a step out of your everyday existance and allow yourself to be transported to a realm where you are the VIP who gets the special treatment. You’ll be able to share these special moments with the members of your group.


What would you most enjoy? The Pass is something that allows you to curate the weekend to suit the tastes and preferences of everyone in the group. How often do you get the chance to customize such an event? The music portion is referred to as the “mix-perience.” If you want to experience a private concert viewing that is set apart from the crowd, it’s yours for the taking. These take place in the Dream Compound. The music portion is just one aspect of the getaway. Who are your favorite artists? Would you enjoy the chance to have them perform for your party? You will be able to choose which view you prefer whether it is in the front of the stage, hanging out back stage to find out what’s going on or watching the show from the on stage viewing deck. These are just a few of the things that your pass allows you to tailor.

Past performers

Kaboo brings the big names in for their VIPS. Some of the acts they’ve had in the past include Zac Brown Band, Aerosmith, Jack Johnson, No Doubt, The Killers, Jimmy Buffet and many more. They bring a variety of performers on board because the goal is to bring the entire Dream Pass package on with delivery on the elements that will make it the perfect experience for their guests.


Do you enjoy the hospitality of a five star restaurant? The culinary staff includes master chefs who have earned national acclaim and they are the people who will be preparing your meals. Chefs from the finest restaurants will be at your service for some of the most amazing meals that you’ll ever experience. The chef will customize and design your meals for your entire party.

How many Dream Passes are offered?

This is the really cool part. Only two Dream Passes are available. This means that two groups of ten people will share in the fun and excitement of the event. There won’t be a need to fight the crowds to enjoy your meal or the entertainment that is provided. This is truly an exclusive opportunity for no more than a total of twenty fortunate individuals who enjoy the finer things in life.


The accommodations and amenities are extremely private and will be reserved exclusively for you and your party. Enjoy luxury surroundings with five star hospitality. Depart from the reality of your current existence for four unforgettable days of supreme luxury. You’ll find everything that you need within the Dream Compound. It includes spa appointments for the ultimate in relaxation and everything is scheduled so you won’t miss out on any of the other exciting activities that are taking place around you. Do you enjoy drinking cocktails? There will always be a glass available whenever you desire. The concierge is committed to making your stay the most pleasant experience possible and they will cater to your needs and requests with fast, courteous and friendly service.

What to expect

Your marvelous weekend will start on Thursday evening as you attend the opening for VIPs. You’ll enjoy a gourmet dinner and the eening’s concert. You’ll have the advantage over thousands of other spectators with VIP viewing. When you want to get away from all of teh fun and activities you will retreat to the Dream Compound which features a private lounge. The living room is designed with an inner communal style and it is fully stocked up with gourmet snacks and refreshments. This is where you will meet to kick off each day of extravagance with your party. There are also star trailers and tour buses parked near the compound so you can get away and retreat to these luxury areas if you need a break from the action. No expense has been spared to create your unique and one of a kind luxury retreat.

Final thoughts

So if you and nine of your besties have a penchant for luxury accommodations and a healthy dose of special treatment, the KABOO Dream Pass is your ticket to an escape that you’ll never forget. This is your chance to find out how it feels to be a VIP if you aren’t one already.

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