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    15 Wealthy Celebrities Who Were Once Homeless

    Prior to rising to fame, some of the world’s most beautiful, wealthiest and most recognizable faces struggled for money. Many were not just poor, they were actually homeless. Of course this is not a part of their lives most like to discuss or broadcast, but it has help make them the people they are today. […] More

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    Jordan Spieth Net Worth

    Jordan Spieth Net Worth – $20 Million Jordan Spieth is a talented golfer from America with a net worth of approximately $20 million. The 22-year-old golfer has impressed the world already with his sheer talent and abilities, and he’s amassed a large fortune in his very young life and his very short career thus far. […] More

  • Donald Trump Net Worth

    President Donald Trump’s Net Worth

    Donald Trump Net Worth – $4 Billion Real estate, reality television and business were his game, though Donald Trump is now working hard as President of the United States of America. He was happy to spend his estimated net worth of more than $4 billion financing his political campaign. According to a statement released by […] More

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    The World’s Richest Pro Wrestlers

    Who Are The Richest Wrestlers? When you were a kid your dream was to be a professional athlete. You either wanted to play in the NBA, MLB, NFL or NHL. For later generations, they may have been interested in the MLS or some other domestic soccer league around the world. No one ever said, “I […] More

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    10 Things You Didn’t Know about Margarita Louis-Dreyfus

    When we think of a Margarita, we picture it on a beach in its frozen state. We don’t necessarily picture a Russian-born Swiss billionaire with ties to the Louis-Dreyfus family; but that’s who we are discussing today. Not that we don’t agree that a frozen margarita would be perfect right now. Margarita Louis-Dreyfus is not […] More

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    How did Andrey Melnichenko Make His Billions?

    Andrey Melnichenko might not be a household name, and that’s perfectly all right. Most everyone in the world is familiar with the names on the Forbes’ Billionaires list so long as they are located near the top of the list, but Melnichenko is located much further down. With his 2016 estimated net worth of $10.1 […] More

  • The Richest People in Europe - Liliane Bettencourt

    20 of the Richest People in Europe

    While the United States may be the country that has the largest concentration of millionaires and billionaires, there are plenty in Europe as well. When you look at all of the European countries, there are actually a good amount of extremely wealthy individuals. So who are these wealthy Europeans? Where do they come from, and […] More

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    10 of the Most Fiscally Corrupt Politicians in History

    In politics, the word ‘corrupt’ generally refers to outside factors persuading a leader’s decision-making process. These outside factors often come in the form of bribes. When a police officer lets you out of a ticket for $100, that’s corruption. When a teacher boost the score on your final exam for $500, that is also corruption. […] More

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    20 Things You Didn’t Know About Maria Bartiromo

    If you have ever watched a news story on a dedicated news channel, you may have seen Maria Bartiromo. If you have ever read a new magazine, you have likely read some of Maria’s work or seen her name. She has made quite a name for herself as not only a magazine columnist, but also […] More

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    Masaharu Morimoto: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

    Few chefs have managed to electrify and change America’s restaurant scene the way that Masaharu Morimoto has. He first became well known in the U.S. as a star on the cooking competition show Iron Chef. When the Japanese series was revamped into Iron Chef America, he gained even more attention and acclaim. Before he became […] More

  • Erin Andrews

    20 Things You Didn’t Know about Erin Andrews

    How well do you know your sports? Chances are that Erin Andrews would put your athletic general knowledge to shame any time. She is described as the female version of Ryan Seacrest, and Playboy has ranked her as the sexiest sportscaster for two years now. She is a huge TV and social media personality, and […] More

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