15 Celebrities Who Drive Iconic Vintage Cars

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Vintage rides are more than just modes of transportation – they’re rolling works of art that stir up nostalgia and turn heads wherever they go. While most celebrities indulge in the latest luxury vehicles, a select few have developed a passion for preserving automotive history by collecting and driving iconic cars from decades past. These 15 celebrities have embraced the nostalgia and craftsmanship of bygone eras, cruising the streets in style behind the wheels of their beloved retro rides.

Ralph Lauren

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Famed for his impeccable fashion sense and design prowess, Ralph Lauren also harbors a deep passion for cars. Lauren’s collection includes supercars, sports cars, luxury vehicles, and timeless classics like the 1950 Jaguar XK120 Roadster. The Jaguar, one of five from the British manufacturer in his collection, has a custom “British Racing Green with a twist” color.

David Letterman

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Comedian and former Tonight Show host David Letterman owns a collection of some of the most coveted cars in automotive history. His impressive lineup includes eight Ferraris, six Porsches, three Austin Healeys, an MGA, a Chevy Truck, and a prized 1955 Jaguar XK140. The Jaguar, an automotive masterpiece known for its racing triumphs, is valued at over $130,000. Letterman’s remarkable collection is estimated to be worth over $2.5 million.

Billy Gibbons

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Billy Gibbons, the legendary ZZ Top frontman, owns the iconic CadZZilla, a fully custom 1948 Cadillac Series 62 Sedanette that has wowed the hot rod world since 1989. This masterpiece, blending post-WWII Cadillac design with artistic flair, was conceived by Cadillac’s Larry Erickson and built by hot rod guru Boyd Coddington. Legend has it that Erickson and Gibbons sketched it on a bar napkin near the Mexican border. Considering its unique design that featured a chopped roofline, frenched headlights, and a $900,000 price tag, the CadZZilla even inspired a Hot Wheels model.

Ben Affleck

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The famous Batman, Ben Affleck, knows a thing or two about cool rides. The Batmobile in Justice League was created with a fully developed interior and high-tech dashboard, scaled up by 110% to accommodate Affleck’s 6’4″ frame. Off-screen, Affleck cruises on the streets in a 1966 Chevelle SS 396. His muscle car, already a powerhouse, has had serious engine enhancements, making it even more formidable.

Jay Leno

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It might seem like a coincidence, but America’s late-night TV hosts have a penchant for collecting cars, with Jay Leno leading the pack. His passion transcends mere hobby, featuring a collection of 169 vehicles and over 110 motorcycles. Stored in a large tailor-made garage, Leno’s treasure trove includes a selection of antique and vintage automobiles, some fetching over $1 million. One of his valued rides is a mint green Restomod 1967 Chevy C10 pickup that has a lowered suspension, wood-lined bed, period-style wheels, and what’s more, it is coated in its original paint.

Nicholas Cage

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Besides his incredibly successful Hollywood career,  Nicholas Cage has also etched his name on the list of car collectors with an admirable catalog. With a garage boasting over 50 sleek rides, Cage’s collection reads like a motoring hall of fame, featuring coveted marques from Rolls-Royce to Ferrari. Among these automotive gems is a 1971 Lamborghini Miura SBJ, a rare machine with only 16 surviving units. While the particular Lambo was crafted for the Shah of Iran, it found its way into Cage’s hands at a jaw-dropping auction bid of $450,000 in 1997.


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Famous Hollywood duo Jay-Z and Beyoncé boast an enviable fleet of extravagant automobiles. Jay-Z’s collection alone commands a staggering $15 million, while Beyoncé’s, though smaller, is no less impressive. For her 25th birthday, Jay-Z gifted Beyoncé a stunning 1959 Rolls-Royce Convertible Silver Cloud valued at $1 million. The ride is not built for speed, and its opulent interior befits Queen Bey’s regal status.

George Clooney

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Back in 1958, the acclaimed American journalist, news anchor, and TV host Nick Clooney made a stylish choice when he snagged a vibrant red Chevrolet Corvette V8 C1 convertible. A couple of years later, as dads often do, Nick passed down the keys of this pristine vintage gem to his son, George Clooney. Now, George isn’t just any auto fan; he’s got a collection that includes a sleek Lexus, a Porsche Carrera, and an elegant two-seater electric Tango 600. Yet amidst his spectacular lineup, the classic Corvette reigns supreme in George’s garage, and we bet it’ll remain a cherished family heirloom for a long time.

Matthew McConaughey

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Matthew McConaughey opts for practicality with family-friendly rides like his trusty GMC Yukon XL and the upscale Lincoln MKX. But beneath that laid-back Texan charm lies a need for speed, evident in his high-octane machines. Among them is a vintage 1981 Camaro Z28, a timeless icon of American muscle. The elegant black beauty, gifted to him by his wife, shares garage space with a classic 1971 Corvette convertible, a symbol of the golden age of Corvette Stingray’s second generation.

Dax Shepard

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Hailing from Detroit, Dax Shepard naturally gravitates toward American cars—his roots run deep! With a father who sold Fords and a mother who climbed the ranks from janitor to General Motors fleet manager, cars are practically in his DNA. Shepard’s sleek black 1967 Lincoln Continental, a powerful icon of classic luxury, took the spotlight in the 2012 comedy “Hit and Run,” where he showcased his stunt driving skills alongside his now-wife Kristen Bell.

Tim Allen

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Tim Allen’s passion for cars dates back to his childhood, blossoming into a desirable car collection featuring custom-tailored gems. The Home Improvement star showcased his automotive obsession on the ’90s hit, even restoring a 1933 Ford Roadster from the frame up on screen. Allen’s prized vintage wheels include a 1965 Shelby Cobra, a 1996 Impala SS flaunting personalized touches, a rare 1968 Chevrolet Camaro 427 COPO, and a classic 1946 Ford.

James Hetfield

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Metallica’s iconic frontman, James Hetfield, doesn’t just rock the stage—he also owns an admirable collection of classic hot rods with serious swagger. Among his prized possessions is “The Aquarius,” a meticulously handcrafted 1934 Packard, and “Iron Fist,” a sleek Ford coupe. For his 1936 Ford, Hetfield teamed up with Blue Collar Customs in Sacramento, California, infusing it with custom flair, including an exposed metal body that showcases its unique features in all their glory.

Richard Rawlings

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At just 14, Richard Rawlings, famed for his performance in the popular reality show “Fast N’ Loud,” acquired his first set of wheels. Now, at Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas, he works magic, restoring and crafting unique automobiles. While many find new homes, a select few earn a spot in his collection, rumored to be worth $1 million. Among the treasures is an authentic three-window 1932 Ford Roadster, reminiscent of the era when notorious gangs ruled New York’s streets.

Kate Moss

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When it comes to luxury vehicles, the 1964 Silver Cloud II stands as an anomaly in Rolls-Royce’s prestigious lineage. An attempt at modernization at the twilight of the Silver Cloud era, the model was met with mixed reactions. Sporting a somewhat hunchbacked silhouette, its unconventional “Chinese Eye” headlights added to its polarizing charm. Yet, despite its lack of appeal, fashion icon Moss, famed for her discerning taste, finds allure in its classic design. Among enthusiasts, the ’64 Rolls remains a prized gem, coveted by collectors for its timeless appeal.

Adam Levine

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Adam Levine’s affinity for classic cars shines through in his cherished possession: a 1958 Porsche 356A convertible. This vintage beauty, the brainchild of Ferdinand “Ferry” Porsche, holds a special place in the Maroon 5 frontman’s heart. A proud owner of this iconic model, Levine traces his passion for Porsches back to his uncle, whose eclectic collection of these legendary vehicles ignited Levine’s fascination with the brand.

Written by Johann H