10 Surprising Places You Shouldn’t Leave A Tip

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It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of social expectations when tipping. But there are places and situations where tipping is not just unnecessary but actually frowned upon. Let’s uncover these unexpected no-tip zones and the reasons behind them.

Open Bar Events

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At weddings or corporate events, it’s customary for the host to take care of the open bar tab. Instead of reaching for your wallet, show your appreciation to the bartender with a warm thank you for their excellent service.

Built-In Gratuity

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Notice a “gratuity included” line on your bill? Additional tipping isn’t necessary. This practice is common in many upscale restaurants and large group dining situations. Check your bill thoroughly to avoid double tipping.

Shopping Sprees


Unlike restaurant servers, retail store employees receive a full wage without relying on tips. If you appreciate their help, sharing a kind word or leaving a positive review can make a meaningful difference in showing gratitude for their service.

Flying High


Airlines have strict policies against tipping flight attendants. Their primary responsibility is your safety, and they’re well-compensated for their work. A friendly smile and polite demeanor are the best ways to show your appreciation.

Quick Service


Fast food workers provide efficient service, often without the frills of sit-down dining. The industry standard doesn’t include tipping, so enjoy your meal and save the tipping for dining at a restaurant.

Legal Eagles


Lawyers and other legal professionals charge significant fees for their expertise. Tipping isn’t part of the equation here. If you’re pleased with their work, a referral to others is the best compliment.

Home Repairs Handled

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Professional home repair services, such as plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians, charge for their labor and expertise. Tips are not expected. Instead, consider leaving a positive review or recommending their services to friends.

Delivery Dilemma


While it might seem polite to tip delivery drivers, companies like UPS and Amazon prohibit their employees from accepting tips. If you want to show appreciation, offer a sincere thank you and perhaps give a cool drink on a hot day.

No-Tip Zones in Restaurants


Some restaurants have adopted a strict “no-tipping” policy, paying their staff higher wages instead. These establishments encourage customers to enjoy their meals without the pressure of tipping. Always check the policy before you dine.

Checkout Conundrums


Self-checkout machines are created to make the shopping experience more convenient for customers and don’t include a tipping option. If a staff member assists you, a kind thank you is all that is necessary to show your appreciation.

Written by Bruno P