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  • Most Expensive Steaks

    5 of the Most Expensive Steaks of All-Time

    A finely cooked steak is often considered to be one of the most enjoyable meals that money can buy. Steaks come in all different flavors and sizes, from a variety of different cuts of meat. We all know that steak is among some of the more expensive dishes that you can order when dining out, […] More

  • Most Expensive Truffles

    The Five Most Expensive Truffles of All-Time

    Truffles are the fruiting body from a specific form of fungi, the Ascomycete, that grow underground and are extremely rare. This fungi is highly prized and they are typically very expensive given how difficult they are to find. As we all know they are used for food and are rich in flavor, a flavor that […] More

  • Most Expensive Bottles of Scotch

    The 10 Most Expensive Bottles of Scotch in the World

    Aside from being the “manliest” alcoholic beverage that one can enjoy, scotch whiskey is often regarded as some of the best whiskey in the entire world. This malt or grain whiskey is made in a specific way by law, and only true “scotch” comes from Scotland. Sure other companies have tried to emulate this popular […] More

  • Honda Interceptor

    The 10 Most Expensive Honda Motorcycles

    The Japanese automobile giant known as Honda is one of the largest motor vehicle companies in the world and they produce a large range of different motor vehicles. Honda makes everything from cars to engines for boats, and that includes motorcycles. Over the years Honda’s bikes have grown in popularity and the brand has successfully […] More

  • 1960 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham

    The 1960 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham Was One of the Most Expensive Cars in the World

    Classic 1950’s and 1960’s Cadillacs bring forth a strong feeling of nostalgia for some people. These cars were massive, extremely heavy, spacious, and had large engines which were exactly what most Americans wanted at the time. These cars became almost instant classics and are still owned by enthusiasts today. While the brand today might not be […] More

  • Jay Leno Car Collection

    5 Celebrities With the Finest Car Collections Out There

    The average working American probably owns about one moderately priced automobile. If you’re an actual gear-head, you may own more than one vehicle and are willing to spend more money on a car that’s enjoyable to drive. Now wealthy celebrities are certainly not your average individuals, and as they typically are worth a lot of […] More

  • Berco's Popcorn Billion Dollar Popcorn Gold

    Berco’s “Billion Dollar Popcorn” Is Made With Edible Gold

    Popcorn has been a staple snack food for as long as anyone can remember, and it’s typically extremely inexpensive. However there are companies out there that make luxury goods of nearly everything, including popcorn. One company in particular, Berco’s Popcorn, has a unique product called the “Billion Dollar Popcorn”. It is priced at about $250 […] More

  • Pablo Escobar

    10 Richest Drug Lords Ever

    Who is the richest drug lord ever? The illicit drug trade is one “industry” that is surrounded with violence, corruption, and boat loads of money. Drugs have always been a part of human history in some shape or form, but it wasn’t until more recently that certain people came together to form massive operations/empires that […] More

  • Most Expensive Cocktails

    Check Out Some of The Most Expensive Cocktails in The World

    Cocktails have been around for quite a long time. As soon as humans discovered that they could mix their liquor with other ingredients to make it more flavorful, the cocktail was born. From the Old Fashioned to the Mojito, cocktail making has become sort of a form of art work. Mixologists from around the world […] More

  • Most Expensive Yachts

    The Ten Most Expensive Yachts in the World

    Yachts in their very nature are expensive, luxury vehicles. The high-end super yachts are floating mansions that have everything you could ever want. Outside of the initial costs to purchase a yacht, there are many other costs associated with a yacht such as operating the vehicle and storing it somewhere. Still there are plenty of people […] More

  • Prada Sunglasses

    How are the World’s Most Expensive Sunglasses Over $400,000?

    Saying sunglasses make you look cool is just a matter of fact. There are all different kinds of companies and styles out there for sunglasses. From the $5 dollar knock of Wayfarers to high-end sunglasses produced by fashion companies like Gucci and Prada, one can acquire sunglasses at nearly any price. However if you really […] More

  • most expensive lego set

    The Most Expensive Lego Set of All Time

    Legos are extremely popular toys for children, and even adults who enjoy collecting them. Personally, when I was growing up my favorite toys to play with were Legos. They are fun, and keep children busy as they build the construction based toy sets. The sets are sold from The Lego Group which is a privately […] More

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