Five Popular but Expensive Diving Excursions

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Scuba diving is a popular activity that is performed by many different people across the world. As someone who has scuba dived before, it is absolutely spectacular and worth doing if you have the opportunity. As fun as scuba diving is, it is an expensive hooby to have. The gear alone can cost thousands of dollars, and then you still need access to a body of water and most likely a boat. As the cost of scuba diving can get very high, many companies have popped up that organize scuba diving excursions and adventures all over the world. The advantage of going on one of these excursions is the opportunity to dive in locations that would have been accessible only to those who have a boat and the right permits. We are going to take a look at some popular, but expensive scuba diving excursions that you can go on.

5. The Komodo Dancer excursion- $2,700 per person 

The Komodo Dancer excursion is a 7 day diving and sea excursion where guests stay aboard the 124 foot Komodo Dancer. The Komodo Dancer is a a two-masted sailing vessel that looks very similar to a Chinese junk ship. The 7 day trip takes divers all over the Komodo National Park, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, in Indonesia. The package includes lodging on the ship, food, daily dives, free nitro for scuba gear, and free soda and beer. On the trip guest will experience drift dives, reef dives, wall dives, and shark dives. This exotic trip is sure to please any scuba enthusiast.

4. The Cuan Law trip – $3,330 per person

Next up on our list is a week long diving excursion on the sailing vessel, Cuan Law, in the British Virgin Islands located in the Carribean. The package includes 6 nights onboard the 105 foot ship, 3 dives a day, diving gear, 3 meals a day, WiFi access (huge plus since you are on a boat), and drinks. Divers will get to explore reefs, sunken ships, and night dives on this excursion.

3. Namale Resort and Spa – $3,460 per person

Fiji is the location of our next diving excursion that we will examine. The gorgeous island is out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and is well known for its exotic sights and beaches. The island also has many beautiful reefs where divers can see all kinds of aquatic species. The package include a 7 day stay at the Namale Resort and Spa, 5 days of 2-tank dives, all meals and drinks (liquor as well), a private lunch at the Namale waterfalls, and all other facilities the resort has to offer.

2. The Socorro Islands – $3,550 per person

At number 2 spot on our list is the 8 night stay aboard the Solmar V yacht and diving vessel off the coast of Baja, Mexico. Guests will live on board the ship and have the opportunity to dive each day according to schedule. The package also includes food and drinks into the price tag. Divers will get to explore the beautiful reefs and oceans of Baja, Mexico and the Socorro Islands.

1. The Red Mangrove Galapagos Adventure – $3,969 per person

The final diving excursion on our list is one on the Galapagos Islands, which are located in the Pacific Ocean, 571 miles off the coast of South America. This exotic location sparked Darwin to come up with the theory of evolution by natural selection. The volcanic islands and surrounding waters are home to many species that are not found any where else in the world. This package includes 5 nights in the Adventura Lodge on the island of Santa Cruz, 2 nights on the island of Isabela, 5 days of diving, land excursions, and diving gear.

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