Pink Diamond Fetches Record Breaking $17.8 Million

Pink Diamond

Multinational corporation Sotheby’s, located in New York City sold a “flawless vivid pink diamond” for $17.8 million. This was a record breaking deal for the auction and sale company. The magnificent pink diamond is a pear shape with pointed end and weighs 8.41 carats.

Sotheby’s is the fourth oldest auction house that is still operating. They operate 90 different locations throughout 40 countries. They offer their services worldwide and are one of the world’s largest brokers of fine and decorative art, jewelry, real estate, and collectibles. The company sold $5.4 billion worth of art back in 2012 and the deal for this pink diamond gives them a tremendous boost for their 2014 numbers.

The pink diamond is flawless; praised for its transparency and shine, while also being rare due to its massive size. The ring’s base is made from platinum that shines bright and is laced completely with circular cut diamonds. The ring is set for a size 5.5 but is one of the most beautiful diamonds ever available.

The eye catching pink diamond is certainly a rare sight and is the focal point at Sotheby’s whenever they have one to auction off. The gems also sell for such a large amount of money which interests people just as much. The diamond is also a Type Ila diamond which is the most chemically pure form of diamond with the best transparency.

The humongous pink diamond is just over 18 carats and has been polished and cut into a wonderful looking piece of jewelry. The name of the auction winner has been kept private, which isn’t surprising considering they spent $17.8 million on the amazing pink diamond.

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