15 Thrifty Habits to Adopt From the Rich and Famous


Many rich folks are surprisingly frugal. They’ve mastered the art of saving while still enjoying life. Want to join the club? We’re revealing 15 money-saving habits of the wealthy that you can easily use to boost your savings account. Swipe through them, and your pockets will thank you!

Embrace Practical Pampering


Forget the diamond-encrusted everything. Contrary to popular belief, many successful people prioritize experiences over extravagance. Instead of blowing a fortune on a new release, they seek experiences that enrich their lives, like a weekend getaway, to create memories that money can’t replace. v

Enter the Kitchen


Don’t live every day paying for food. The wealthy know a well-stocked pantry is a goldmine. By whipping up meals at home, you control ingredients and portion sizes. Also, mastering a few signature dishes is a surefire way to impress friends and family—minus the restaurant bill!

Shop with a List


Impulse buys aren’t the best thing for your wallet. They drain your savings. Rich people combat them with a powerful weapon: the shopping list. Before going into the retail store,  prepare yourself. Sticking to it is your ultimate defense against those tempting impulse purchases.

Negotiate Like a Boss

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You have an inner dealmaker. Let it out. Those in money understand the art of negotiation. It’s not about being aggressive but about getting fair value. A polite conversation with the seller can lead to surprising savings, whether it’s a new car or your cable bill. Remember, the worst they can say is no!

Enjoy Free Fun


Who says entertainment has to break the bank? Even with a loaded pocket, they enjoy free and cheap thrills. Explore hidden gems in your city—hike scenic trails, visit museums with free days, or pack a picnic for an outdoor concert. 

Delay Gratification


You can and shouldn’t let emotions dictate your spending. Before swiping that card, they employ a powerful tactic: the waiting game. Taking time to consider a purchase allows the excitement to fade, revealing if it’s a genuine need or fleeting desire. This simple strategy can save you from buyer’s remorse—and a lighter wallet.

Invest in Quality Over Quantity


What’s a wardrobe overflowing with trendy clothes, only to be discarded next season? Such frivolity isn’t for those with heavy bank accounts. They would rather invest in quality pieces that transcend trends. A well-made, classic garment will last years, saving you money in the long run. 

Invest in You


Billionaires know that the best investment is in themselves. They prioritize education, training, and experiences that hone their skills and knowledge. This self-investment pays dividends throughout their lives, increasing their earning potential and personal fulfillment.

Future-Proof Your Finances


You’d be wrong to think the rich live paycheck to paycheck. Instead, they proactively approach their finances, setting aside money for retirement and other future goals. Think of it as planting a financial seed—the sooner you start, the greater the rewards you’ll reap down the line.

Track Your Money

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Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to financial matters. Millionaires track their spending, not to become control freaks but to gain valuable insights. When you understand where your money goes, you can identify areas to cut back and make your finances work for you.

Use Coupons


Don’t be fooled by the stereotypes! Even the famous are quick to leverage coupons and discounts. They view it as a smart financial move, not a sign of weakness. A penny saved equals a penny earned, and those savings can add up quickly.

Enjoy Freebies

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More free stuff is out there than you can count, waiting to be discovered. These people are adept at finding it—free trials, loyalty programs, and community events all offer opportunities to save. Go freebie-hunting and watch your savings multiply.

Trade by Barter

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Bartering isn’t a relic of the past! Those with loaded pockets always look for creative ways to get their needs. Do you have skills someone else desires? Offer them in exchange for something you want. Bartering fosters a sense of community and resourcefulness while saving you money.

Borrow, Don’t Buy


The affluent aren’t afraid to share! Rather than rushing out to buy a one-time-use item, they borrow. When you need a fancy power tool for a weekend project, see if a friend or neighbor has one you can borrow. This collaborative approach saves money and strengthens your community ties. 

Sell the Unused


The well-to-do understand the value of decluttering. Do you have clothes collecting dust in your closet or gadgets gathering cobwebs? Sell them online or physically. Not only will you clear your space, but you’ll also turn those unused items into cash—that’s the entrepreneurial spirit!

Written by Bruno P