15 Reasons Why You Should Put Paper Towels In Your Fridge Now


When it comes to preserving the freshness of your food, the answer can often be found in unexpected sources. One such ingenious trick is the use of paper towels in your refrigerator. While it might sound unconventional, there are numerous compelling reasons why incorporating this simple practice into your routine can revolutionize how you store your food. Let’s explore one of the key benefits:

Fresher Produce:

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Placing paper towels in the fridge helps soak up surplus sogginess, keeping fruits and vegetables fresher for longer periods. Moisture is the enemy when it comes to the longevity of produce. Excess liquid can lead to mold and spoilage, causing your fresh fruits and veggies to go bad faster than you’d like.

Crisper Greens:


Leafy greens are particularly prone to wilting due to their high water content. When stored improperly, they can quickly succumb to dampness buildup, leading to a loss of texture and flavor. However, by placing a few sheets of paper towels in your vegetable crisper or wrapping your greens before refrigerating, you take in enough wetness, keeping your greens crisp and fresh for extended periods.

Prevents Mold Growth

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Paper towels have excellent absorbent properties and can soak up the exorbitant liquid before it wreaks havoc. By reducing sogginess levels, you effectively minimize the conditions that promote mold growth, helping to keep your produce fresher for longer.

Extends Shelf Life:


Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast or simply striving to minimize food waste, paper towels come to the rescue by reducing wateriness. Berries, in particular, are notorious for their susceptibility to moisture, mold, and decay. You create a cushion that prevents dampness by lining the bottom of their container with a layer of paper towels.

Prevents Sogginess:


Few things are as disheartening as reaching for a slice of leftover pizza or a piece of cake only to find it soggy and unappetizing. Thankfully, paper towels can come to the rescue. You establish a barrier that can soak up surplus liquid by methodically  positioning them underneath items in your fridge.

Keeps Cheese Fresh:

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Cheese lovers rejoice – there’s a simple trick to extend the life of your favorite dairy delicacy. Wrapping cheese in paper towels before stashing it in the fridge can be a game-changer in preserving its surface and flavor. How does it work? Excessive dampness is the enemy of cheese, leading to undesirable mold growth and changes in taste and texture.

Absorbs Spills:


It’s happened to all of us – a container of leftovers leaks, a bottle of sauce drips, or a piece of fruit gets squished, leaving a sticky mess on the fridge shelves. By strategically positioning them on fridge shelves or drawers, you establish an obstacle that absorbs spills and leaks, making cleanup a breeze.

Improves Food Safety

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Keeping your food safe from harmful bacteria is paramount. Abundant humidity in the fridge can create an environment conducive to bacterial growth on food products, leading to potential foodborne illnesses. However, by tactically placing paper towels in your refrigerator, you can suck up this overflow humidity, thereby reducing the risk of bacterial contamination.

Preserves Bread


Bread is particularly sensitive to exorbitant wetness, which can accelerate the staling process and diminish its surface. Fortunately, by wrapping bread in a paper towel before refrigerating it, you create a protective blockade that sucks up any excess wetness that may accumulate. As a result, the bread remains fresh and soft for extended periods.

Reduces Fridge Odors

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Paper towels have excellent soaking properties, trapping and neutralizing odors lurking in your fridge. By tactically situating them on shelves or in drawers, you establish a hindrance that assists in soaking up and containing odorous particles, thus preventing their permeation into other food objects.

Makes Cleaning Easier

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 Let’s face it—spills and leaks are inevitable in fridge life. Whether it’s a leaky container or a piece of fruit that’s seen better days, messes can accumulate quickly and make your fridge look and smell less than appealing. However, paper towels have excellent adsorbent properties and can rapidly soak up spills and moisture before they can spread and create a mess.

Prevents Freezer Burn


 Freezer burn happens when food comes into contact with air and develops ice crystals on its surface. Placing paper towels around food surfaces before storing them in the freezer establishes a barrier that helps maintain optimal humidity levels.

Protects Delicate Items

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Delicate fruits like berries and grapes require gentle handling to prevent bruising and damage. The bustling environment of the fridge can sometimes be less than gentle. Fortunately, paper towels can provide extra protection to keep them safe and sound.

Saves Money


It’s no secret that food waste can take a toll on your wallet. Whether fruits and vegetables go bad or leftovers get tossed, wasted food means wasted money. Using paper towels in the fridge to extend the shelf life of perishable products will reduce food waste and allow for spending less on groceries in the long run.

Written by Johann H