15 Proven Methods to Banish Purslane from Your Garden


Gardening is fun until we deal with weeds that overrun the very space we worked hard to beautify. The purslane weed is one of the most common pesky plants on a gardener’s hit list. Luckily, we have 15 effective methods to eradicate them from your manicured lawns.

Manual Removal

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Roll up those sleeves and get your hands dirty. The traditional practice of manual removal needs a hands-on approach, digging into the soil to pull purslane by the roots, ensuring its complete elimination and preventing its return. Remember, persistence is key!



Blanket your garden beds with a thick layer of mulch to smother purslane and stop its progression. Whether you opt for organic mulches similar to straw or wood chips for added benefit to your soil health, the desired effect is the same.


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Take advantage of the sunshine to eliminate purslane. Cover invaded areas with clear plastic sheeting, allowing solar heat to cook the weeds beneath. This technique is particularly worthwhile during hot summer months.

Boiling Water Treatment


Here’s another simple tactic that won’t require much effort. Boil a kettle of water and meticulously pour it over purslane-infested patches. The scalding heat will wither the weeds, providing a swift and natural solution.

Vinegar Spray

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Make a potent weed killer by mixing equal parts white vinegar and water with a dash of dish soap. Transfer to a spray bottle and target purslane directly for adequate control. Repeat this process for several days until results start to manifest.

Herbicidal Solutions


Suppose the vinegar concoction isn’t working as fast as you want. For stubborn purslane invasions, consider herbicidal options containing ingredients like glyphosate or acetic acid. Dealing with chemicals shouldn’t be taken lightly, so exercise caution and follow application instructions carefully.

Cultivation Practices


Adopt practices such as deep tilling to disrupt purslane roots and hinder its ability to spread. Regular cultivation also aerates the soil, creating an unfavorable environment for thriving weeds. This strategy requires physical exertion and might not be for everyone.

Companion Planting


Use the power of companion planting by intermingling purslane-repelling species such as marigolds or basil amidst your garden beds. This biological deterrent can help suppress purslane proliferation and enhance the beauty of your patch.

Salt Barrier

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Create a pesticide-free barrier by sprinkling salt along the edges of your flowerbeds or between paving stones where purslane tends to emerge. Since salt can harm greenery, use it sparingly and only where purslane is present.v

Corn Gluten Meal

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Utilize corn gluten meal, a natural pre-emergent herbicide, to inhibit purslane seed germination. Apply in early spring to prevent weed growth before it begins. Be sure to check the area regularly since birds love to feast on these!

Hand Hoeing


Equip yourself with a trusty hand hoe to dispatch purslane swiftly while sparing your back from excessive bending. Basic hoeing disrupts weed cycles, reducing purslane populations over time. Seek assistance from a professional gardener if this endeavor is too intense for you.

Organic Herbicides


Explore organic herbicidal options with readily available ingredients like citric acid or clove oil for eco-friendly weed control. These formulations offer a safer alternative for gardeners mindful of chemical exposure and can be made at home.

Persistent Monitoring


Stay vigilant and regularly inspect your garden for signs of purslane resurgence. Prompt action ensures that emerging weeds are immediately dealt with before they are established. Otherwise, you’ll be back to square one.

Back to Basics

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Optimize growing conditions for desirable plants to outcompete purslane. Provide adequate sunlight, water, and nutrients to foster robust growth, minimizing open space for weeds to thrive. Proper spacing between plants discourages purslane bloom, promoting a flourishing garden while thwarting invasive species.

Patience and Persistence


Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a weed-free garden. Embrace patience and remain steadfast in your pursuit of purging purslane. With each method employed, you edge closer to victory over this resilient foe.

Written by Johann H