15 Innovative Tape Measure Features

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Embarking on a do-it-yourself (DIY) project often entails a rollercoaster of emotions. However, with the advent of innovative features in tools like the ribbon measure, DIY enthusiasts can now bid farewell to some of their most common frustrations.

Magnetic Tape

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The magnetic tape ensures a secure grip on metallic surfaces. Whether measuring the dimensions of a steel beam or assessing the width of a metal cabinet, the magnet holds firmly in place, eliminating the risk of slippage.



Traditionally, tape measures have catered primarily to right-handed individuals, with measurements marked on only one side, which poses a significant inconvenience for left-handed individuals. Enter the double-sided, equipped with markings on both sides, thereby eliminating the disparity between left and right-handed users.

Large, Easy-to-Read Numbers

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Including large, easy-to-read numbers offers a host of benefits that significantly enhance the DIY experience. Firstly, the oversized numerals ensure clarity and visibility, even from a distance or at awkward angles.


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One unique aspect of the self-locking mechanism is its intuitive design, which seamlessly engages with the flick of a finger. This distinctive feature allows handlers to activate the lock swiftly and with minimal effort, eliminating the need for cumbersome adjustments or manual manipulation.

Rubberized Case


A rubberized case offers more than just a sleek exterior—it provides a tactile advantage that improves grip and durability. Unlike traditional hard plastic cases, rubberized casings offer a softer, more tactile surface that enhances grip, even in challenging conditions. 

Built-In Pencil Holder

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By keeping a pencil within easy reach at all times, users can seamlessly transition between measuring and marking tasks without the need to search for or retrieve a separate marking tool. Moreover, the built-in pencil holder fosters precision and accuracy by facilitating direct marking of assessments on surfaces.

Blade Brake


The blade brake kicks in when you release the tape after extending it. It ensures it doesn’t whip back at full speed, reducing the risk of injuries or accidental damage.DIY enthusiasts often work alone.

Laser Measurement

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These types utilize a concentrated laser beam to measure distances with remarkable accuracy. Differing from conventional patterns, which depend on physical markings, lasers offer pinpoint precision. If you’re hanging shelves or aligning tiles, they assist in achieving impeccably straight lines and consistent spacing.

Digital Display

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A digital display offers immediate, accurate calculations. The screen displays the precise length without any guesswork or interpolation. With a digital display, you can size up with one hand, leaving the other free to hold materials or tools.

Fractional Readings


Fractional readings eliminate the need for manual conversions. When you rule, the strip shows the whole inch and the fraction (e.g., one ¾ inches). No more mental math or converting fractions to decimals—it’s all right.

Adjustable End Hook


The adjustable end hook guarantees precise analysis whether you measure inside corners (such as window frames) or outside edges (like walls). There is no need to fumble; it adapts effortlessly. It prevents the strip from slipping off, providing you with confidence.

Integrated Level


The bubble level ensures that your assessments are perfectly horizontal or vertical. No more eyeballing or adjusting—follow the bubble to achieve precise alignment. The integrated level helps you maintain even rows when laying tiles or laminate flooring.

Compact Design


Unlike the old type that may protrude awkwardly or take up valuable space, compact models can be easily clipped onto a belt or slipped into a pocket, ensuring easy access whenever needed. 

Memory Function

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It retains the last calculation even after you retract the ribbon. So, you don’t need to jot down each separately if you’re working on a project with multiple estimates.

Durable Construction

Whether working in tight spaces or navigating cluttered work areas, the slim profile allows for excellent maneuverability, enabling handlers to take estimates easily and precisely. This agility is particularly beneficial in scenarios where space is limited, such as when working in cramped corners or confined rooms.

Written by Bruno P